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Berman Talks 'Enterprise' Mission Change

By Christian
March 22, 2003 - 10:08 PM

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Fans curious about the NX-01 mission change promised by Rick Berman will only have to wait until "The Expanse", the Trek head honcho revealed in a new interview about the season finale.

"I think our final episode of the season is going to be quite startling because we're going to do a cliffhanger that will put a new twist on the series as it enters its third year," Berman told the British Star Trek Monthly (via "I don't really want to get specific about it, but we're not talking about a tiny change. We're talking about a change that is going to, to some degree, alter our mission and, to some degree, change the tone of the series. We're very excited by it. This idea will be introduced partially in the final episode of this season and then more dramatically dealt with in the opener next season."

But before "The Expanse," fans will still be able to look forward to eight other new episodes. Berman talked about four of them:

  • "The Crossing": "[A] very heavy science fiction episode that I'm very pleased with. That's the one with our 'wisps' that will remind people of the [alien clouds] from The Original Series."

  • "Horizon": "[A] very poignant episode that deals in part with Mayweather going back to his parents' ship and to a family tragedy."

  • "Cogenitor": "[This episode] deals with a species for which three genders are necessary for conception. Although it might sound a little kinky, it doesn't come across that way. The episode focuses a lot on Trip, and I think that it's a very provocative episode that again deals with issues that are precursors to the Prime Directive."

  • "Regeneration": "[A] fascinating Borg encounter, which is interesting in that Starfleet had never heard of the Borg before Picard. So we have managed to deal with that in what I feel is a very interesting fashion."

As for the producers' plans for Enterprise's third season, Berman shrouded himself in secrecy, commenting only that it "would be very possible" more NX-Class vessels would appear on the show, and that while also possible, "nothing is planned" regarding an appearance by the Remans. "We've discussed everything from a young Sarek to Q to Kirk. There are a lot of things in the mill. I'd love to work with John [De Lancie] again. I adore him. All sorts of ideas are in discussion now."

More comments from Berman, including his thoughts on how online script leaks affected the performance of Star Trek: Nemesis, can be found in issue 103 of Star Trek Monthly, now available in the UK. In addition, further experts can be read at StarTrek UK.

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