First 'Horizon' Plot Details

By Caillan
January 22, 2003 - 4:06 AM

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Ensign Travis Mayweather will reunite with his family during a visit to his old ship, the E.C.S. Horizon, in an upcoming Enterprise episode.

Appropriately titled 'Horizon', the episode is the twentieth season two instalment to go before the cameras. Based on the current shooting schedule, 'Horizon' could be the episode set to be helmed by former Voyager actor Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris).

Please note that the below synopsis is based on an incomplete version of the script, and details may change before the episode goes to air:

In Act Two, Mayweather is walking along one of the Horizon's corridors with his mother, Sarah, who is the ship's chief engineer. She remarks how he and the crew of the NX-01 managed to solve the 'Terra Nova' mystery, adding that it would have taken the Horizon ten years to reach the colony.

As they walk along the corridor, Mayweather is greeted by twenty-something crewman Daniel Stone, who says Mayweather still owes him a poker game. Stone then offers Mayweather his condolences - it turns out the ensign's father has died. He thanks his old friend, and then continues down the corridor with his mother. Mayweather asks Sarah how she is dealing with the loss, presumably revealed earlier in the episode. She says that she is thankful just to have him home, and has even moved some crew out of his old room.

On the bridge of the Horizon, Mayweather's brother, Paul, is in command, having taken over the captaincy when his father died. The ship's helmsman reports that the port stabilisers have been "acting up," and their backups are in even worse condition. Sarah says they were planning to replace them when the Horizon docked at Sirius station.

Mayweather is visited by an old childhood friend, Laurie, in his old quarters on the Horizon. They reminisce about old times and Mayweather's father, the Horizon's captain until his death. As they talk, Mayweather admits life on the NX-01 is very different from the 'Boomer' experience. "There isn't the same feeling," he says of his new life on Enterprise. As the ensign tries out his old bunk, the ship is rocked by weapons fire - the Horizon is under attack.

As Act Three opens, Mayweather rushes onto the bridge. The aliens ramp up their attack, and Mayweather tells Paul he doesn't recognise the alien ships. Mayweather works with the crew to get their sensors working, but as he does so the aliens launch a device which latches onto the Horizon's hull, right behind the bridge. Paul, feeling the weight of command - this is his first major engagement - orders the rest of the crew to the lower decks. Suddenly, the alien ships warp away, leaving the device attached to the Horizon.

By Act Four, the Horizon is being pursued by a larger alien vessel and the two smaller attack ships seen earlier. The Alien Captain demands the crew surrender their cargo and prepare for boarding. Paul refuses to give in and orders his helmsman to go to warp...

Please be aware that this information has not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures, and until such time you should treat this as you would any other rumour.

'Horizon' will likely air in April, 2003.

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