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'Sickbay' Leaves Reviewers Unimpressed

By Lisa
October 21, 2002 - 4:20 AM

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Opinion from online reviewers on the latest brand new Enterprise episode 'A Night in Sickbay' was decidedly negative.

Below is a round-up of some of the best comments on the episode.

  • "Enterprise's second season had been competent thus far with four generally well-received episodes and Enterprise's improving ratings suggest that viewers like what they're seeing," wrote O Deus for TrekWeb. "These episodes may have had their flaws, but "Sickbay" leads back to some of the more disastrous first season episodes and contains the germ of a storyline that would seriously hurt what Enterprise has achieved until now."
    For his complete thoughts on the episode, follow this link.

  • Jamahl Epsicokhan at ST Hypertext could find little to praise in the episode.

    Any attempt to look seriously at events in this story (not recommended) only reveal how badly the writers mangle Archer's character into that of a selfish hothead. He says things that are completely based on irrational emotion rather than any reasoned thought or consideration. He's angry with the alien society because they weren't thorough enough in determining the risk to Porthos in their environment. Because they are arrogant and anal-retentive. Because they would have the audacity to take offense at Porthos urinating on one of their sacred trees. They, they, they. How about you, John? There's all this reckless anger and overstated ranting and raving and selfishness (all because Archer took his dog on an away mission!), and all I'm thinking is: This is the commander of the human race's first grand mission into deep space? Grow the hell up, stop being so petty, and take some responsibility for your own actions.

    For the complete review, in which the episodes awarded a single star, follow this link.

  • Gisele La Roche at StarfleetComNet had similar thoughts. "I can't believe I'm going to say this but enough with the decon chamber scenes already," she wrote. "This is getting to be as bad as the cave settings from season one. Don't get me wrong. I "love" to see Archer in his undies and I'm sure the guys and gay ladies out there enjoy seeing Hoshi and T'Pol in their cut off tops and shorts but this is getting to be too much of a good thing. The first scene can be forgiven but the second is way too much. We've seen Seven's bare back in Voyager twice and now T'Pol's. It's old."
    In the full review the episode is awarded a C+ rating.

  • "A Night in Sickbay pretty much sucked," wrote Trek 5's by Matt D. "This was billed as a comedy, an Enterprise Odd Couple. With one or two exceptions from the wonderful John Billingsley, there was nothing funny about 'Night.'"
    To read the full analysis in which the episode scrapes a Warp One rating, head over to this page.

  • FirstTVDrama's Richard Whetterstone made an interesting observation. "Interestingly, Archer had NO hints, clues, fantasies or illusions concerning T'Pol or even sex with anybody until AFTER Phlox repeatedly brought it up."
    For his complete thoughts on the episode, click here.

  • Over at Trek Pulse, Litsa Guevara said:

    Berman and Braga did a grave disservice to the character of Archer by making him so angry and at the wrong thing. The plot devices of Porthos being sick and Archer being sexually frustrated didnít quite explain all the anger. Archer looked like a whining, immature adolescent in how he handled this whole situation.

    Read her review, in which the episode scores 3 out of 5 here.

  • "Archer's behaviour is questionable, but the episode is well worth watching for the sickbay shenanigans alone!" wrote Monkee at Monkee's Place. "I'm all for 'ships and sex in Star Trek, but I think I'd prefer they were done with a little more class and restraint, at least this early in the game. And, as I said, Archer/ T'Pol just doesn't do much for me. Hopefully, they've acknowledged a slight attraction, done the tacky decon rubdown in a dream sequence, and that'll be the end of it. A Captain and a First Officer really shouldn't be romantically involved, unless they're in the Delta Quadrant, a lifetime away from home."
    For her full review, in which she awards the episode 9 out of 10, follow this link.

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