FBI Warning Puts Hollywood On Alert

By Caillan
September 21, 2001 - 11:00 AM

Hollywood studios were put on alert yesterday after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned they could be the possible target of a terrorist attack.

"The FBI provided a threat advisory to the movie studios in Los Angeles," FBI spokesperson Cheryl Mimura told Variety. "The uncorroborated threat states that a film studio in California could be the target of a terrorist attack in retaliation for any possible bombing attacks by the United States in Afghanistan. It seems to be a credible threat."

The warning caused consternation at Paramount, where a cast and crew screening of the Enterprise premiere, 'Broken Bow,' was scheduled to take place last night. After internal discussions, the preview went ahead, but with added security.

All studios issued new security orders with the result that most lots will only have one point of entry. Additional security precautions have been put in place at those checkpoints. Studio tours on many lots have been cancelled until further notice.

The possible threat comes in the wake of last week's unprecedented terrorist attacks on the United States. Two passenger jets crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, and a third into the Pentagon in Washington. At that time, Paramount temporarily suspended filming on all productions, including Enterprise (story).

More information, including reactions from other studios, can be found in the original Reuters/Variety report.

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