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'Enterprise' To Face 'Enemy Advances'

By Caillan
July 21, 2003 - 10:47 PM

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Captain Archer will reportedly visit a marketplace that's totally out of this world in an upcoming Enterprise episode.

Sources today revealed the first plot details on the fourth Enterprise episode to go before the cameras this season, "Enemy Advances". The instalment will see Archer, Reed and Trip visit an alien bazaar in search of information on their new foes, the Xindi, because their quest for the aliens has been slowed down by space anomalies. They're also searching for trellium, a substance mined at a colony visited in the season premiere, "The Xindi".

The bazaar is filled with an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures, including one alien which speaks with bubbles, instead of words, a different tone emanating from each bubble as it pops; another huge alien appears to be imposing until she speaks in a meek, feminine voice. And this is all before the away team passes a shop with body parts hanging in the window.

Archer, Trip and Reed are heading for a rendezvous with a trader known as B'Rat Ud, who is shaped like a white blob with a head and long arms. Archer wants the formula for synthesising trellium, but B'Rat denies ever having met him, until the captain prods the alien trader for information. B'Rat refers him to another trader, Zjod, who has had dealings with the Xindi, leaving a less-than-happy Trip to watch over the alien blob.

As it turns out, Zjod is the owner of an exotic alien brothel. He shows Archer and Reed his wares, telling them to take their pick. Archer politely changes the subject to the Xindi, and Zjod promises to find him an escort who can give them some information on the aliens. During this conversation, a concubine known as Rajiin locks eyes with Archer several times, as if entreating him to help her.

Just as Archer prepares to leave, Rajiin escapes from the brothel, and heads straight for the Starfleet captain! But she's not going to get away that easily, as an angry Zjod approaches Archer, spoiling for a fight...

Please note that these plot details come from an early draft of the script. This information has not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures, and until such time you should treat these details as you would any other rumour.

"Enemy Advances" will likely air in October, 2003.

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