Blalock Gates Back To 'SG-1'

By Caillan
June 21, 2003 - 9:34 AM

Jolene Blalock's (T'Pol) recent guest stint on Stargate SG-1 (story) has turned into a recurring role.

While filming her part as Jaffa leader Ishta for the episode "Birthright", which will likely air later this year, Blalock was approached by executive producer Michael Greenberg. "[He] asked if she would be willing to come back and she said yes right on the spot," actor Christopher Judge, who plays Teal'c, revealed in a recent chat at

Judge also wrote the episode in question, in which Blalock plays his character's "love interest", Ishta. She is a temple priestess who is trying to save baby Jaffa girls from being killed by a member of the Goa'uld, according to Gateworld.

"I always joke about Teal'c having more love scenes," Judge told fans during the chat. He described the Enterprise actress as "oh so lovely" and added, "She'll be appearing a few times this season."

Judge said the cast got along well with Blalock during the shoot. "Almost all of our guest stars give great performances, but the ones that have some of our same sensibilities that we have [...] get asked back. That's the thing with Jolene Blalock, she was so willing to laugh at us and with us."

To read the full chat transcript, head over to this page at Further details on "Birthright" are available at Gateworld. Thanks to TrekWeb for the tip!

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