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'Dawn' & 'Stigma' Plot Info Revealed

By Caillan
December 21, 2002 - 3:35 AM

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Spoiler synopses of the upcoming Enterprise episodes 'Dawn' and 'Stigma' were recently posted online.

In 'Dawn', Trip's shuttlepod is attacked by an Arkonian vessel while he is testing new autopilot controls, according to SFX's regular source 'TrekSpy' (via the Great Link). Both Trip and the Arkonian, called Zho'Kaan, crash on the moon after its atmosphere disables their engines. To make matters worse, Zho'Kaan steals Trip's transceiver.

The moon is a hostile environment where the temperature soars to 170 degrees after the sun has risen. Facing the prospect of being roasted once dawn is upon them, Trip and Zho'Kaan eventually work together to build a transmitter to contact Enterprise - but the signal can only be deciphered with Arkonian technology. Therefore, Archer and his obstinate Arkonian opposite Khata'n Zshaar must join forces to rescue their downed crewmen.

Once the Enterprise has received the signal with the help of the Arkonians, another problem emerges - the transporter won't beam Zho'Kaan back up to the ship. Fortunately, the Arkonians are able to modify their ship so they can fly through the moon's atmosphere, and the pair are rescued.

In 'Stigma', T'Pol is revealed to have contracted an incurable disease whose sufferers are outcasts from Vulcan society, the magazine reported. Doctor Phlox attends an alien medical exchange in the hope that he might discover better ways to treat her ailment. However, despite Phlox's good intentions, T'Pol's condition is revealed to the Vulcan doctors attending the conference.

With the threat of recall to Vulcan looming over T'Pol, Archer orders a hearing, at which one of the Vulcan doctors confesses he has also contracted the disease. The doctor says T'Pol only became infected during a forced mind-meld with a carrier, and he is recalled to Vulcan instead of T'Pol.

'Dawn' is currently scheduled to air on January 8, followed by 'Stigma' on February 5. The original article, which also contains a synopsis of 'Cease Fire,' can be found here at the Great Link.

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