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Billingsley Talks Upcoming Episodes

By Caillan
October 18, 2002 - 9:06 AM

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John Billingsley (Phlox) recently revealed a few tidbits about upcoming Enterprise episodes, including his character's curious desire to cut open Travis Mayweather's head.

Speaking to, Billingsley said that 'Singularity' centres around the question "What if what if everyone's worst tendencies are amped up to the max?" As it turns out, many people would regret asking that question where Doctor Phlox is concerned.

"My tendency is to rather cheerfully and blithely go on with whatever medical experimentation that might interest me. This is where I'm prepared to open up Mayweather's skull, because he has a headache and I'm curious to find out where it might be stemming from. He's extremely cheerful in his willingness to commit a lobotomy on one of the crew."

The following week's 'Vanishing Point' concerns Hoshi Sato, who is set to have some rather unusual communication troubles. "Hoshi has to be transported from the surface of a planet where storms are raging and she's afraid her molecules are breaking up," Billingsley said. "It does seem as if her crew members are suddenly not able to see her and she can't get through doors."

More information has been revealed about Phlox this season, particularly in 'A Night In Sickbay', but Billingsley doesn't want the Denobulan doctor demystified completely. "We get to see my feet, we get to see my tongue and we learn more about my peculiar family back on Denobula. I think they want to be very careful about giving you information about my species and my history, and probably rightly so. What makes the doctor so intriguing is the fact that he's such a mystery and we know nothing about Denobulans. They take the occasional episode and they throw out a few little bits and pieces."

The full interview, in which Billingsley also talks about shooting the film 'Out of Time,' is available here at

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