'Enterprise' Finale Spoilers Describe 'Expanse' Plot

By Michelle
May 16, 2003 - 8:21 PM

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New spoilers for the Enterprise season finale, "The Expanse", reveal the roles that the Klingon Duras and the Suliban play in Captain Archer's struggle with the mysterious Xindi.

As previously reported, the finale begins with an alien probe wreaking havoc on Earth from Florida to Venezuela, killing Tucker's sister and millions of others.

The Great Link cites sources from SFX magazine with more details of the plot. Returning home at warp speed, Archer is briefly abducted by the Suliban, who bring him to the mysterious futuristic time-traveler.

The time-traveler identifies Earth's attackers as the Xindi — a race that humans will destroy 400 years in the future. Archer is warned that the Temporal Cold War is heating up and that an unknown party is aiding the Xindi.

Upon its approach to Earth, Enterprise comes under attack from Duras, but other vessels deter the Klingons. The Vulcans doubt Archer's information about an attack from a different era, but Archer is able to demonstrate that the probe's remains appear to be from the future.

The coordinates Archer has been given for the Xindi are in the Delphic Expanse, a region of space so dangerous that the Vulcans believe any mission there would be suicidal.

With new weapons, Enterprise — along with a defiant T'Pol, who has been ordered back to Vulcan — heads toward the Expanse. But the Klingons attack again, though Duras' ship is destroyed.

Enterprise enters the Expanse at the very end of the cliffhanger episode. SFX also reports that the NX-02 is under construction.

Please visit The Great Link for the full SFX summary.

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