Official Site Launches New 'Enterprise' Section

By Caillan
September 15, 2001 - 1:03 PM

New 'Enterprise' Section - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures

In anticipation of the Enterprise premiere on September 26, yesterday launched a new sub-site devoted exclusively to the series.

Similar to the one opened to commemorate the end of Voyager, the new sub-site contains profiles of all of the regular NX-01 crew members, a timeline of key events from 1609 to 2150, and will soon feature a tour of the new ship.

Starting from Galileo Galilei's construction of the first astronomical telescope, the timeline traces mankind's exploration throughout history, intersplicing actual events with Trek's backstory. It also mentions the various ships to bear the name Enterprise, from the schooner built in 1799 to the aircraft carrier and spaceshuttle.

This timeline could possible be indicative of the events of the Enterprise opening sequence, which will reportedly be composed of scenes from exploration history (story).

The site also features three separate interview sections. 'First Thoughts' contains text interviews with members of the Enterprise production team, while video interviews with the cast and creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga can be found in 'From The Red Carpet.' A third part, which will feature question and answer videos with the cast, will be made available soon.

'Broken Bow' script - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures To celebrate the launch of the series, has organised a 'Watch And Win' contest. After each of the series's first four episodes has aired, a set of questions will be posted at the site. Entrants who answer the questions correctly will go into the draw to win one of two copies of the 'Broken Bow' script. The script, as seen to the left, is signed by all seven regular cast members.

The new section can be found here at the official site. Thanks to Mitrod for this!

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