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Web Review Trashes 'Nemesis'

By Christian
August 15, 2001 - 4:23 PM

A new review of the 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' script appeared on the internet today, describing it as one of the "weakest motion screenplays" ever and calling for the head of executive producer Rick Berman.

The review appeared on film news site Dark Horizons, and was based on the new June 20th version of the screenplay. It was written by 'Captain Kronos,' apparently a fan of early Star Trek who declared his dislike for Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and the three "sorry TNG features," and felt that Rick Berman was a villain who caused the "bankruptcy of this franchise."

"Devoid of scope, grandeur, major events, jeopardy or any of the prerequisites that separate a motion picture from a segment of television - the script reads like a bland two part episode from The Next Generation TV show," wrote Captain Kronos. "Even worse, it often resembles fan fiction with its overemphasis on two popular characters at the expense of all others - as well as text that occasionally describes things as 'cool.' One description to a sequence of William Riker stalking down a hallway is literally: "It's like a scene from 'Alien.'"

Kronos felt that the worst problem with the script was its resemblance to most previous Trek films. "The intent is to recreate a 'Wrath of Khan' scenario, lamely attempting to invent a ruthless villain who shares a past history with the Captain along with a beloved crewmember making the ultimate sacrifice in the finale, but the end result isn't worthy of comparison to 'Khan.' In fact, it's not even on par with the last 'Rugrats' movie."

Though most of the review consisted of Kronos's opinions on the film, it also contained several new plot points for the film. Here is a summary of these:

  • Unlike in earlier drafts, the film will no longer open with the wedding reception for Riker and Troi. Instead, the audience will first witness a scene in the Romulan Senate Chamber, apparently reminiscent of "scenes near the beginning of 'Star Trek IV' as well as all the Klingon politicking throughout 'Star Trek VI.'"

  • Picard and Data have a discussion about the passage of time and the meaning of life. During this scene, Picard says that the upcoming wedding of Troi and Riker has made him question his own choices in life, such as devoting his entire existence to Starfleet, instead of marrying or having children. This is in all likelihood the same scene during which the two drink Picard's 23rd Century Irish whiskey and Picard admits to being "an old fart." (story)

  • Several new tidbits about the film's main villain, Shinzon, are revealed. First of all, he will apparently manage to make himself Praetor of Romulus. Secondly, the genetic disease he suffers from causes his face to be "literally cracking apart." Finally, he has been "trained to resist telepathy," thereby preventing Deanna Troi from reading him.

  • After Troi's mind is violated by the Reman Viceroy, Shinzon's second-in-command, Riker takes revenge. He engages in hand-to-hand combat with several Romulans before kicking his opponent down a tunnel. "Don't worry, hell is dark," Riker tells him.

  • At the end of film, the defeated Shinzon attempts to wreak havoc by activating his organic weapon. Picard beams aboard Shinzon's ship and kills Shinzon, but he is unable to beam back, while a self-destruct sequence has been initiated. Just in time, Data saves Picard by beaming over to the ship and giving his Captain a one-way emergency transport device. Picard is able to make it out, but Data has to stay behind, and is destroyed when the ship explodes.
In the final analysis, Kronos declared the film a "shocking orgy of shameless plagiarism" that affirmed his belief that the producers have run out of ideas. "Rick Berman has cloned a tired old villain in Shinzon that needs the very same thing Star Trek requires so desperately to be kept alive: New blood. 'Star Trek: Nemesis' is even worse than 'Generations' and 'Insurrection.' Step aside, Mr. Berman... 'because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.' We Star Trek fans are the many, and you're the one."

For the full review, please follow this link to Dark Horizons. This is the third review of the 'Star Trek: Nemesis' script, following the two positive reviews that appeared at MovieHeadlines.net and Ain't It Cool News. Thanks go out to Murray Clack for this!

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