John Eaves Talks Finale Designs

By Caillan
June 14, 2003 - 6:32 AM

Enterprise senior illustrator John Eaves recently spoke about two key design elements of "The Expanse" — the Starfleet vessels and the Xindi probe.

"The Starfleet ships were just shapes we came up with," Eaves told the Starfleet Communications Network at the recent WonderFest convention. The Warp 2-capable ships helped the Enterprise NX-01 fight off an attack from the Klingons as it returned to Earth.

"The script just asked for some backup Starfleet vessels so it was just a bunch of shapes we kind of conglomerated together that kind of looked pre-NX-01. And so [executive producer] Rick Berman just picked two out of the five. There's no names, no numbers, or really anything on them."

Enterprise's third season will likely make heavy use of the Xindi, the new alien species which launched an attack on Earth in "The Expanse". Eaves said the race's spherical probe was the only Xindi spacecraft which was designed prior to hiatus.

"Part two is what we are going to start working on, I'd imagine, Wednesday [June 11]. But the first thing was a ball with rolling devices on it so that was the only direction we had. So as far as that goes, there's a lot more coming up but for right now, that's all there is."

The full interview with John Eaves, in which he also talked about his work on Star Trek Nemesis, can be found at the Starfleet Communications Network.

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