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'Carbon Creek' Plot Details Revealed

By Caillan
August 13, 2002 - 10:24 AM

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Archer and Trip refuse to believe T'Pol's tale of her great-grandmother's visit to Earth in the episode 'Carbon Creek,' according to new spoilers recently posted online.

The episode is set during Enterprise's regular 'crew evaluation' period, genre entertainment magazine SFX reported (via the Great Link). As the representative of the Vulcan High Command onboard the NX-01, it is T'Pol's duty to assess Archer for her superiors. During the evaluations, Archer and Trip gather for a drink with T'Pol and they convince her to tell the story of her great-grandmother.

As previously reported, T'Pol's ancestor was onboard a Vulcan ship observing the launch of Sputnik in 1957. According to executive producer Rick Berman, the Vulcans have a "little accident" and are forced to land in Pennsylvania, near the coal-mining town of Carbon Creek.

As it turns out, according to SFX's synopsis, the Vulcan from 'Star Trek: First Contact' was not the first extra-terrestrial visitor to an Earth bar. While visiting Carbon Creek, the logical aliens apparently partake in "recreational activities" and play pool. T'Pol's great-grandmother even picks up a souvenir - a red purse.

Archer and Trip are incredulous at the thought that Vulcans visited Earth so long ago and accuse T'Pol of making the story up. However, when she returns to her quarters, T'Pol takes out the red purse, showing the audience that the tale was in fact true.

The magazine also revealed key details about the second season premiere, 'Shockwave, Part II.' While information on the first half of the episode has already been made available online (story), SFX has provided the first details on the episode's conclusion.

With Captain Archer trapped in the 31st century, the mysterious Daniels reportedly constructs a "cross space-time communicator," which allows Archer to contact T'Pol on Enterprise.

Meanwhile, with the NX-01 in the hands of the Suliban, Reed raids Daniels's former quarters in the search for a piece of 31st century technology. The armoury officer is caught red-handed, and Silik tries to use the technology to seek instructions from 'Future Guy,' with whom he has lost contact. Silik gets a rude shock when Captain Archer appears in the place of his master.

After a ruse involving a fake reactor overload, the crew escape their genetically-enhanced captors, with an added bonus - Silik, who is now a prisoner aboard the NX-01. However, the Vulcans are still unhappy about the situation, and it is only after T'Pol stands up for her shipmates that the mission is permitted to continue.

Please note that the above information has not been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until then should be treated as you would any other rumour. For further details, pick up the latest issue of SFX. Alternatively, online spoiler reports can be found here and here at the Great Link.

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