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Kilborn Showcases Blalock, Clip From 'Bounty'

By Michelle
May 13, 2003 - 12:36 AM

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When Jolene Blalock appeared on The Craig Kilborn Show on May 9, she brought along a clip from an Enterprise episode with her. Viewers were treated to a brief scene which host Craig Kilborn identified as from the season finale, though the actual footage appears to be from this Wednesday night's episode "Bounty."

Bakula Games provided a clip from the appearance. Here's a transcript:

[T'Pol is in a decontamination chamber, pacing, with Phlox outside watching her.]
T'Pol: Open this door.
Phlox: You'll spread the infection.
[T'Pol glares.]
T'Pol: I'll go to my quarters. If I seal off the ventilation system it should minimize the risk of exposing anyone.
Phlox: Your quarters are on C deck. By the time you reach them, you'll contaminate half the ship.
T'Pol: Unlock this door. I gave you a direct order.
Phlox: I'm sorry, but I can't obey it.
[T'Pol strides toward Phlox on the other side of the translucent partition.]
T'Pol: I can have you court-martialed.
Phlox: I doubt that.
[T'Pol slams her hand into the wall.]
T'Pol: Open it!

Asked by Kilborn how she was enjoying the show, Blalock said, "We just finished up our second season — or we've got two more weeks left that airs."

Then, she added, "We're starting into our third season, bigger and better, on June 26th."

Kilborn asked Blalock whether she had attended any Star Trek conventions. "I haven't," the actress admitted. She said that she receives invitations to make appearances, but has been busy with the long hours for her role and auditioning for films. A convention would be "an extra gig, you know?"

Blalock, who drew a picture of a fairy on a sketch pad for Kilborn, described how she asked her boyfriend to marry her and revealed that her nephew gave her away at the wedding. Since getting married, she said, "The sex is better, everything's better."

Many thanks to BakulaNews.com for this item!

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