All-New Image Of The NX-01

By Lisa
July 12, 2001 - 4:54 PM

The Enterprise - Courtesy USA Today After the amazing response caused by the first view of the titular Enterprise starship and the first view of footage from the show earlier today, a new detailed image of the NX-01 appeared in newspapers this morning.

The above image appeared in today's issue of USA Today. It is the first side view of the ship, and clearly shows how the warp nacelles are raised above the saucer section of the ship.

The much larger picture, which can be found in today's issue of the paper, shows the ship's NX-01 registration number and 'Enterprise' emblazoned on the hull of the saucer section. The saucer section has lights visible on it, and has Excelsior-style saucer-edging.

To get a good look at Captain Archer's Enterprise, pick up a copy of today's issue of USA Today available on newsstands now. In addition, an 800x600 scan of the image can be found here at the LCARS Communications Network. Thanks go out to Erickson for this!

In addition, the official Star Trek web site has posted five high-quality images taken from Tuesday's special Entertainment Tonight (story).

The photographs focus on various features in the ship's engineering room. Two shots focus on the curved warp core structure, and show the size and scale of the engineering set.

To view the new images, follow this link to the official site.

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