'Stigma' Gives Small Boost To 'Enterprise'

By Antony
February 12, 2003 - 10:33 PM

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Despite scoring the same as the previous new episode 'Dawn', 'Stigma' managed to gain a higher final rating.

Final ratings for the episode show that Enterprise scored a 2.9/5 rating, according to SF Gate. This was up from 2.5/4 which 'Dawn' scored earlier in January. However, although this was an improvement for Februrary sweeps, it is still quite low in all-time ratings, with only 'Dawn' and 'Vanishing Point' scoring lower.

Meanwhile The Los Angeles Times reports that the episode attracted 4.4m viewers in total, again only above 'Dawn' and Vanishing Point. These figures put Enterprise down 65% from the premiere episode 'Broken Bow' which had just over 12.5m viewers. It is also down 27% on the first February sweeps episode last year, the Andorian-centered 'Shadows of P'Jem', which received just over 6m viewers.

The Andorians will be returning to Enterprise again tomorrow, in 'Cease Fire'.

The original SF Gate article can be found here, and the original Los Angeles Times article can be found here.

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