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Promo For 'Unexpected' Released

By Lisa
October 11, 2001 - 9:34 PM

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'Unexpected' - courtesy UPN, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN has released the promo for the next Enterprise episode, entitled 'Unexpected'.

In the episode, Trip Tucker has an involuntary encounter with a female alien that yields a very unexpected result.

A digitised version has been made available online at the UPN Enterprise site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[A small ship in the Enterprise's slipstream.]
[A figure moves in a multi-coloured passageway]
[Two brown-skinned, bald aliens (the Xyrillians) on the view screen]
Archer: (off-screen) "Getting a chance to meet other species, is our mission."
[Archer, looks at the view screen, T'Pol stands to one side and Mayweather is in the background]


[Text: 'Expect']
[Close up on Tucker sitting in sickbay, wearing a blue tank top]
[Shot pans out to reveal T'Pol addressing him. Archer stands at her side looking on, almost smiling]
T'Pol: "You were there for three days and you couldn't restrain yourself."
[Tucker still in his blue vest against a red coloured background]
[One of the aliens shines a light down Tucker's throat.]
[The alien looks at Tucker. He looks alarmed. ]


[Text: 'The Unexpected']
Phlox: (off-screen) "That, is a nipple."
[Close up of Tucker's bare arm. His sleeve is pulled back to show a nipple on his forearm]
[Archer in uniform, frowning]
Phlox: (off-screen) "I'm not sure congratulations are in order..."
[Hoshi Sato on the bridge, straining to get a better look at something off screen]
[Phlox and Tucker are in sickbay. The fast paced music stops. It is a very solemn moment]
Phlox: "...you're pregnant."
[Close up of Tucker's incredulous expression]
[The music starts up again]


[Text: 'Enterprise']

'Unexpected' - copyright Paramount Pictures The 20-second trailer can be downloaded from the videos section here the UPN Enterprise site. It is available in Quicktime format and a variety of windows media versions for different connection speeds.

In addition, the official Star Trek web site posted the first official images from the episode. Its 'Next on Enterprise' section now includes the official synopsis of the episode, cast and crew information and four photographs, including the one to the right. To see more, follow this link.

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