'Enterprise' Season Two In The Can

By Caillan
April 10, 2003 - 10:31 AM

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Enterprise this week wrapped production on its sophomore season.

Principal photography on the season finale, "The Expanse", ended on Tuesday after an eight-day shoot, StarTrek.com reported. Some crew members were required for half a day of second unit photography yesterday.

As befits the official site's description of the episode as "ambitious", the cliffhanger finale required numerous extra locales in addition to the NX-01 standing sets. These included the Klingon Council Chamber, a Starfleet Hangar, Admiral Forrest's office, a Suliban vessel and Silik's "Temporal Chamber".

While most of "The Expanse" was shot indoors, two scenes required the use of the Paramount backlot. The "New York Streets" set became Chinatown, while another exterior stood in for Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco.

Post-production work on the episode is now underway, with the behind-the-scenes wizards required until sometime in May to create the show's Emmy-winning special effects. The official site promised some "impressive imagery", including the expanse, as well as "a few surprises".

The remainder of the cast and crew are off on hiatus, which will last for 10 weeks. This means production on Enterprise's third season is likely to begin sometime in mid-June.

To read the original report, head over to this page at StarTrek.com. "The Expanse" will air May 21 on UPN.

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