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'Silent Enemy' Promo Released

By Caillan
January 10, 2002 - 7:56 AM

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'Silent Enemy' photo - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN Wednesday night released the trailer for 'Silent Enemy', next week's brand new Enterprise episode.

According to's official description, the episode will see Enterprise come under fire from an unknown alien ship.

The promo has been made available online courtesy of For those with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Enterprise NX-01 flying through space.]
[Archer turning in the captain's chair.]
[Ambassador Soval squaring his shoulders.]
[Shran and a group of Andorians draw their weapons.]
[Elizabeth Cutler kisses Dr. Phlox on the cheek.]
[Archer and T'Pol roll along the ground together.]
[Graphic: '5 New Episodes']
[Sato eating in the Mess Hall with Reed.]
Sato: "Dinner in the Mess Hall can lack a certain..."
[Angle on Reed, eating.]
[Sato playing around with the food on her fork.]
Sato: "...personal touch."
[She puts the food in her mouth.]
Sato: "I've got a hot plate in my quarters."
[Reed shoots her a shocked look. Sato stares back.]
[A green alien ship fires at Enterprise's saucer section.]
[The bridge is rocked by the attack, there's an explosion behind Tucker's console.]
[Hoshi shields her face from the explosions.]
Archer: (off-screen) "Enterprise was fitted with phase cannon ports..."
[Archer, breathless, turns around to look at the viewscreen.]
[Archer, in civvies, talking to T'Pol.]
Archer: "...but the cannons were never installed."
[Close-up of T'Pol in a corridor.]
[The alien ship approaches from beneath Enterprise's saucer section.]
[Close-up of the alien ship under Enterprise.]
Archer: (off-screen) "This ship just isn't equipped to handle some of the threats we're coming up against."
[Crew members with torches move through darkened corridors.]
[Mysterious aliens are caught in the light of their torches.]
[T'Pol standing, half-shrouded in darkness.]
[Hoshi on the bridge as power comes back on.]
Archer: (off-screen) "We're not here to make enemies..."
[Archer, Reed and Tucker round a corner, weapons drawn.]
[Close-up of Mayweather on the bridge.]
Archer: (off-screen) "...but just because we're not looking for a fight..."
[Archer talking directly to the camera.]
Archer: "...doesn't mean we'll run away from one."
[Enterprise fires at a moon, sending up a massive cloud of debris.]
[Long shot of the explosion on the moon.]
[Archer talking directly to the camera, as before.]
Archer: "Humans don't give up easily."

The 5 MB 32-second MPG promo can be downloaded here at 'Silent Enemy' airs at 8:00pm January 16 on UPN.

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