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By Christian
January 9, 2001 - 11:45 PM

Over at the official Star Trek site, they've put up a new interview with Voyager Executive Producer Kenneth Biller, conducted during the UPN Press Party a few days ago. In the interview, Biller expanded on his earlier statements to other sites about the fifth Star Trek series, the end of Voyager, and some of that show's upcoming episodes.

Speaking about the possibility that Series V might not make it to the air next season (due to, for instance, the upcoming writers' and actors' strike), Biller said this might actually be good for the franchise. "I think a little breather would be healthy, and make the audience wait for it and want it. [...] But I don't make those decisions. Those are all studio and network decisions."

Something that Biller is able to decide on is how his own series, Voyager, will end, and one of the things he's apparently decided is to keep that ending secret for as long as possible. He said that the writers will try to maintain secrecy by minimising how much to write down about it and by keeping the number of people who know about it low for as long as possible. "Right now, there are three of us in the whole world who know basically what we're going to do for the end of the series. [...] What I think is a bummer is that people feel like they want to spoil it. To me it's no fun if you know the ending! If somebody told you the end of 'The Sixth Sense,' you'd want to clock 'em, right? It just destroys the whole experience for you!"

Despite this, in the rest of the interview Biller gives out several spoilers for episodes that will be airing over the coming month, including 'Shattered', 'Lineage', 'Repentance' and the 'Workforce' two-hour movie. Click here to read that.

The interview ends with Biller talking about what he will be doing after the show ends. As previously reported, he has a development deal with Paramount, and it's possible that this is what he will turn to once Voyager ends, though he also doesn't completely rule out working on the next Star Trek series. "I've got a lot of ideas percolating, and some ideas that I've discussed with the studio, but I'm not actually working on any of them right now. When the show wraps in April, I'll start thinking about it."

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