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Bakula Chats On The 'Craig Kilborn' Show

By Lisa
May 9, 2002 - 1:31 AM

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) appeared on the 'Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn' last night where he chatted about a variety of topics relating to Enterprise.

"I said early on that I didn't want to be the Captain that flew the ship into the ocean and never came up again," Bakula told Kilborn, thanks to MediaTrek. "But the response has been fantastic and the year is through. There's only really one downside so far in the first year is that nobody's gotten laid."

The actor reflected on this statement a little later. "Actually there's an upcoming episode where someone gets laid," he said. "Its not me! There was a point in time when there was a script where I was going to get laid, but they changed it."

Bakula was asked whether he gets recognised more for his work on Enterprise or Quantum Leap. "Its probably split, pretty much," Bakula answered. "Enterprise hasn't happened around the world yet, but Quantum got all over the world. So it's pretty fifty fifty. It's worked out pretty great."

The conversation turned towards the recent appearance of his Quantum Leap co-star Dean Stockwell in 'Detained'. "He came on the show a couple of weeks ago - we hadn't worked together since the last episode of Quantum Leap which was many years ago - and he came on and played a bad guy. He was running an internment camp and he captured me and we got into that whole thing - it was great fun," Bakula related.

As for how Stockwell came to appear in the show, Bakula's explanation was simple. "Well I like to have guest stars that I can kind of kick their ass on the show so..." he smiled. "I said 'Dean's a kind of a weak actor and I'll be able to take him, so bring him on!'"

A video clip of Scott Bakula's appearance on 'Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn', in which he talks about hockey, answers 'Five questions' and more can be downloaded from MediaTrek. The file is 18 MB in zipped Real media format.

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