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First Details On Prequel Enterprise

By Christian
March 8, 2001 - 6:07 PM

While Paramount has yet to make an official statement on the next series, even more Series V details are beginning to leak out, including the first description of the main ship featured in the show.

According to an established source who wishes to remain anonymous, the main Series V starship will look very different from the modern-day Federation ships we all know. One of the most important changes to this pre-Starfleet Enterprise is that it will lack the distinctive two warp nacelles that have characterised most Federation ships.

As usual, please be aware that the above info has not been officially confirmed by Paramount yet, and that until they make an official announcement on the next series any Series V news should be treated as you would any rumour.

If you would like to read our original report on the Series V casting sheet, please follow this link.

Meanwhile, the CNN article on the leaked Series V casting sheet also included a quick poll in which the site's readers were asked if they were excited about the new series, and after close to 20,000 votes, the answer appears to be a cautious yes. 57% responded 'Of course! I can't wait', while 8% said they were until they'd read the article, and 7% said 'not really'. Another 24% said they liked the other series, but were going to wait and see for this one, while 3% said they were not a Star Trek fan at all.

The original CNN poll can be found by following this link. Thanks go out to Salvador Nogueira at Trek Brasilis for this poll link!

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