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By Michelle
October 7, 2005 - 10:06 PM

Hello World!

Fall TV season, week two:

1) Threshold. Still enjoying it. Sometimes Caffrey reminds me of Janeway, which is not a good thing because then I remember what Braga did to Janeway. Am trying not to wish Caffrey and Cavanaugh would date.

2) The West Wing. Okay, it's not what it was during the first two seasons, but any show in which a presidential candidate would make up a homoerotic story about himself just to get his campaign manager going is still well worth watching.

3) Desperate Housewives. Losing interest fast. Can't stand Susan and find myself rooting for Edie who is at least merely a stereotypical bimbo! Why do I do this to myself?

4) Rome. It is very wrong to be having erotic thoughts about Max Pirkis. It is particularly wrong to be having those thoughts while also having erotic thoughts about Polly Walker, who plays his mother. Damn, but I love this show.

5) Commander in Chief. Still not the greatest screenplay but the moment Mackenzie Allen was introduced as the President of the United States, I had a "She's the captain" moment (Voyager fans, I know you know what I mean). Total love.

6) Boston Legal. I watch this show for one reason: The Shatner. If it was not on right after CiC, however, I am sure I would forget to watch the way I often did last year.

7) Veronica Mars. Slipping. This year's mystery is not holding my interest the way last year's did, and neither is Veronica's teenage love life. And Charisma Carpenter? Ick. But the acting on the show otherwise remains very good.

8) Smallville. Slipping even more -- I can't talk about this week's episode yet due to spoiler issues, but between the New Clark and Blahna, it's really disgusting me. And its only saving grace, Lionel Luthor, is not getting nearly enough screen time.

9) Star Trek. Again...of everything I watched last week, "Court Martial" wins top marks, which is really sad. Okay, maybe I'll put it equal with Commander in Chief because of the Areel Shaw Bimbo Factor, but that's still saying something.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from October 2003:

  • Braga, Blackman Talk T'Pol's Outfits
    Executive producer Brannon Braga called the choice to change T'Pol's costumes primarily a creative decision, yet costume designer Bob Blackman claimed, "There wasn't enough raw sex appeal...if you want the show to run seven years, you have to think about demographics."

  • Flying At 'Impulse', Overnight Ratings Drop Again
    For the second week in a row, Enterprise's overnight ratings declined, with "Impulse" earning a 3.9 rating/6 share. The week before, the show earned a 4.0/6 overnight rating when there were no Major League Baseball playoffs to compete with. In the final ratings, the show lost total viewers though the adult demographics rose slightly.

  • Auberjonois To Return To Broadway
    René Auberjonois (Odo) announced plans to star in a Broadway production of the comedy Sly Fox with a cast of luminaries including Richard Dreyfuss, Elizabeth Berkley and Bronson Pinchot.

More news can be found in the archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Got a favourite fall genre series yet?
The new 2005 genre shows don't excite me 58.7% - (597 Votes)
Threshold 20.2% - (206 Votes)
Supernatural 5.3% - (54 Votes)
Surface 4.7% - (48 Votes)
Invasion 4.7% - (48 Votes)
Night Stalker 4.2% - (43 Votes)
Ghost Whisperer 1.9% - (20 Votes)

Total Votes: 1016

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Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 9th is the birthday of Scott Bakula, Enterprise's Captain Archer, as well Barbara March, The Next Generation's Lursa.

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