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By Caillan
September 7, 2003 - 11:33 AM

Hello World!

It appears the Romans may have committed the ultimate fashion crime: wearing socks with sandals. According to, archaeologists have discovered a bronze statue that seems to be wearing a sock under its sandals.

The theory seems to be that this may not have been commonplace throughout the Roman Empire, but only confined to Britain, because the Romans didn't want their toes getting cold. I can't say I blame them, having had the experience of living through several British winters. But socks with sandals? Ughhh.

And now for something completely different: Aaron Sorkin's last West Wing episode airs in Australia on Tuesday night. Expect a complete wrap up, or more likely, lots of random babbling, on Wednesday.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

- Did the Borg have good intentions?

- Is Captain Kirk really a womaniser?

- Where exactly is the Delphic Expanse?

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items on September 6 & 7, 2003:

  • Guinan To Cameo In Trek X?
    LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) told fans in Las Vegas that Whoopi Goldberg had been asked to appear in the opening scenes of Star Trek Nemesis. Goldberg did in fact reprise the role of Guinan in the movie, appearing in the wedding reception scene.

  • T'Pol To Explore Her Emotional Side
    As a certain TrekToday editor continued to make bad puns based on the two lines of Enterprise's pilot revealed in the trailers, rumours emerged online that T'Pol might not be "burying her Vulcan cynicism for too long". The reports claimed the science officer would reach out and embrace her emotions to a certain degree.

  • Trek Movie Marathon Sets Ratings Records
    TNN (now rebranded SpikeTV) was over the moon with the ratings for its Labor Day Star Trek movie marathon, which was the most watched day in the network's history.

More news items can be found in the news archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

It's the great Trek singalong! Your preference?
Vic Fontaine singing 'Come Fly With Me' 27.9% - (325 Votes)
Make it stop! Make it stop! 20.6% - (240 Votes)
'Faith of the Heart' 15.3% - (179 Votes)
Seven of Nine singing at Catrine's in 'The Killing Game' 10.3% - (120 Votes)
Riley singing 'I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen' 8.8% - (103 Votes)
Data singing Gershwin or Cole Porter 6.3% - (74 Votes)
Worf singing Klingon opera 6.1% - (72 Votes)
Uhura singing 'Beyond Antares' 4.3% - (51 Votes)

Total Votes: 1164

Thanks for voting! Please participate in our new poll, which asks if you would like to see Trip and T'Pol "grow closer" this season.

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