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Tuesday Series V Bullets

By Christian
March 6, 2001 - 11:24 PM

Online Star Trek fandom has been in a state of chaos ever since the publication of the leaked Series V character list a few days ago, a state that was certainly enhanced by the fact that Paramount has still not officially said anything about the next series. Fortunately, that might finally change in just a few days time.

When asked to comment about the casting sheet, a Paramount spokeswoman told us today that the studio had "no comment at this time," but that they "might have an official statement in a few days."

Meanwhile, AntonyF over at Fandom's Star Trek Central has posted a confirmation of the validity of the casting sheet. "My source, who I do trust 100%, said that as far as they know the casting sheet is true and is not a hoax. They have two very reliable sources who have confirmed the cast lineup and premise."

Several somewhat less reliable sources also made appearances today, including one that was quickly proven to be false. Several sites posted a new rumour that stated the next series would feature actress Alicia Coppola as a Trill character named Jazan Laan. This news was supposedly sent out by two persons: one claiming to work at a casting agency in Seattle, and one claiming to work at Paramount. We received both emails as well, and noticed that they were in fact both sent from one single computer located in England.

The speed at which the above rumour was transmitted does go to show how eager people are to hear something more about the next show. Hopefully Paramount will indeed make an official statement in a few days, and end the enourmous amount of fan speculation.

For now it would be best to be very careful about which sources to trust, and certainly to not fully believe anything until officially confirmed by Paramount. Until Paramount makes an official statement, all Series V reports should be treated as you would any rumour.

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