Official 'Fusion' Information Released

By Caillan
February 6, 2002 - 7:23 AM

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T'Pol will face a Vulcan dilemma in the February sweeps episode 'Fusion', it was announced yesterday. posted the below official synopsis for the episode:

The Enterprise hosts a group of Vulcans who, unlike T'Pol and the other Vulcan High Command, are eager to embrace and experience their own emotions. When one of their rank tempts her to adapt their more free-spirited approach to life, T'Pol finds herself faced with a confusing and intriguing dilemma.

'Fusion's' teleplay was written by executive story editors Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong, based on a story by executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The episode was helmed by Rob Hedden who, in addition to having directed several television movies, wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker) movie, 'Clockstoppers.'

The following guest cast list was also released:

  • Robert Pine as Tavin
  • Enrique Murciano as Tolaris
  • John Harrington Bland as Kov
  • Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest

Best known for the role of Sergeant Joseph Getraer in the series CHiPs, veteran actor Pine has featured in The West Wing, L.A. Law and as Ambassador Liria in Voyager's 'The Chute.'

Bland has appeared in Spin City, Law and Order and the recent 'Bandits.' Murciano's resume includes small parts in the movies 'Speed 2: Cruise Control,' 'Traffic' and 'Black Hawk Down.'

Trek stalwart Vaughn Armstrong returns once again in the recurring role of Admiral Forrest. Armstrong also portrayed the Klingon Captain, his tenth Trek character, in the episode 'Sleeping Dogs'.

According to previous reports, Commander Tucker will bond with one of the Vulcans encountered in this episode. The engineer must help the young Vulcan come to a decision regarding his father, who has rejected him because of his desire to embrace emotion (story).

Originally called 'Equilibrium,' the episode was retitled in order to avoid confusion with the Deep Space Nine episode of the same name. However, the official UPN press release at Psi Phi still lists 'Equilibrium' as the title.

'Fusion' will air at 8:00pm Eastern Time on February 27, to be followed by a repeat of 'Cold Front'. There will be no new episodes on February 20, with 'Breaking the Ice' and 'Fortunate Son' set to air at 8:00pm and 9:00pm Eastern Time, respectively.

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