Singer, Stewart Both Hope For Future Trek Films

By Michelle
December 5, 2005 - 8:18 PM

Bryan Singer, the director of two X-Men films and the new Superman Returns, said that he would be interested in directing a Star Trek film.

The IESB caught Singer at the premiere of The Triangle, where webmaster Robert Sanchez filmed a brief conversation between Patrick Lee, an editor at Sci Fi Wire, and Singer. "I know that you're a big Star Trek fan," Lee told Singer, asking whether he might be interested in directing a Star Trek feature.

"I am a huge fan," Singer agreed. "Rob will tell you...we've always talked about what we would do, and what would I do if I were to make a film in that universe." He compared Star Trek to the X-Men and Superman franchises, calling them all "incredible universes" created by others and noting, "you kind of wish you could play in them all."

Singer had a cameo in Star Trek Nemesis, which he described as a thrill, "to be on the Enterprise when it was under attack." He declined to describe his own fantasy story for Star Trek, however, saying only, "It would be big. It would be very big."

As previously reported, Patrick Stewart (Picard) surprised many last week when he said he would consider playing Captain Picard again after he finishes X-Men 3 publicity and spends a year working in the theatre. Now the UK's Teletext is reporting that there are plans in the works to make a film in which he would be involved three or four years from now.

"About four months ago at a meeting in Los Angeles the subject was raised quite seriously from a very interesting point of view," Stewart said in the interview, which was transcribed by mrs_sideshow_bob at the TrekBBS. "I have been saying for four years now that it's over...but there are weighty people in Hollywood who are very interested in one more run around the holodeck. These are serious plans."

Stewart said he was told that the plans for a film were for "two or three years down the road by which time I'll only be able to sit in the captain's chair not get out of it." He added, "if I'm in good shape I'd love to do it."

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