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By Michelle
October 5, 2003 - 3:00 PM

Hello World!

Thank heaven (or Sony) for VCRs. I'd be pretty miserable on Wednesday nights if I didn't know that, while I was watching Enterprise, my machine was recording Smallville for me.

I don't know what it is about Wednesday nights, but I've never had less than two shows I wanted to watch, and I've been reviewing Trek for several years which makes it difficult. For awhile my local station syndicated Deep Space Nine right after Voyager, which was terrible: I'd watch Voyager at 9 p.m., DS9 at 10, and then stay up till after one reviewing. Needless to say, my plot summaries were shorter then. And I was taping Dawson's Creek from the time the WB moved it from the 9 p.m. Tuesday slot to the 8 p.m. Wednesday slot...hey, am I detecting a trend here?

Once DS9 went off the air, it wasn't so bad. Voyager was still on at 9, so I could watch Dawson's Creek at 8 beforehand and try not to think about the fact that everyone said that new show The West Wing was wonderful. But when Voyager moved to 8, necessitating that I tape Dawson, I started watching West Wing and soon my reviewing was getting postponed an hour. Plus I was spending Thursday evening catching up on the Creek and Angel if I'd bothered to tape it.

This year I thought things would be easier; Dawson would be gone, and even if Angel was getting Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer I could wait to see him. Then the WB went and moved Smallville into Enterprise's time slot. As if that weren't bad enough, Fox has announced that it's moving The O.C. into the 9 p.m. time slot where I'm already paying attention to two shows! (Wonder why I don't watch Jake 2.0 then? With West Wing and Spike in that hour, how could I?)

I remember when The X-Files and La Femme Nikita were on at the same time, and I thought that was bad. Please don't tell me if there's anything great on HBO on Wednesdays.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from late September 2001:

  • Braga Responds To Fan Criticism
    "I've taken a lashing from the fans," Brannon Braga admitted after he made some "stupid comments" about never having seen an episode of the original series. "When I first started here," he said, "when Gene Roddenberry was still alive, he said to me, 'Don't watch the original series. If you haven't seen it, don't watch.' And I said why? And he said, 'Because you will bring something fresh to the table.' He was very adamant that TNG not be the Original Series, and not re-do anything. So I was, like, 'Fine.'"

  • Over 9 Million Watch 'Fight Or Flight'
    Enterprise's second episode achieved higher ratings than Star Trek: Voyager had earned in several seasons, despite a drop from the series premiere the week before. The series maintained 73% of its debut numbers in the important adults 18-49 demographic and equalled the rating achieved by "Endgame".

  • 'Enterprise' Cast Talk Fame & Fandom
    Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) said that the best way to deal with sudden fame was "just got to go to work and do your thing." He added that he was astonished at the number of web sites devoted to him: "I was like 'I haven't even done anything yet!'" Meanwhile Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) joked that his friends who were Trekkies suddenly wanted his fingernail clippings as souvenirs.

More news can be found in the archives.

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1-2 3.1% - (27 Votes)

Total Votes: 860

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Today's Television Listings

Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, UPN will show Enterprise's "Impulse". Here's the official synopsis of the episode:

When Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Vulcan ship stranded in the Delphic Expanse, Archer and his boarding team are attacked by insane zombie-like Vulcans.

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