Blalock Unsure About Trip/T'Pol

By Caillan
October 5, 2003 - 10:46 AM

Do Trip and T'Pol's massage sessions this season augur something more for the Enterprise duo? Actress Jolene Blalock is uncertain about the possibilities for a more permanent relationship.

"They write it, I do it. I don't see it, personally," Blalock told Kate O'Hare at Zap2it. "T'Pol's a Vulcan — how could she have a relationship? And he's so emotional. My goodness, he's like a nut case. So how are this nut case and this person who has her stuff together going to find common ground? Maybe that's the basis. We'll find out, because I'm not sure how that's going to evolve."

Last season it was Captain Archer who supposedly found himself attracted to T'Pol in "A Night In Sickbay". The NX-01's commanding officer dreamt up some fantasy situations which involved himself and T'Pol in a state of undress in the decontamination chamber. Blalock said that won't be the last time Archer will be seen without his shirt on.

"Actually, as we speak, we're shooting a scene like that," she said. "We always like that, makes the day go by nicely. Thank God, he's got a kick-ass body."

Her own costumes this season certainly leave nothing to the imagination. "The blue one is the least comfortable, because it's not a stretchy material. It doesn't have a lot of give. Once you're strapped in, you're strapped in."

Zap2it's O'Hare asked if women in the future would elect to wear clothes like T'Pol's. "Yes, of course," Blalock said, laughing. "The liberated woman, at least. It's just the male viewers. It's the boys."

The complete interview, in which the actress also talked about her recent marriage, can be found here at Zap2it.

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