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Extensive 'Endgame' Plot Summary

By Christian
May 5, 2001 - 2:45 PM

On the 23rd of May, UPN will be airing what is billed as a "rip-roaring, slam-bang action adventure:' the Star Trek: Voyager series finale, 'Endgame.' Thanks to some of our sources, we can now provide you with a much more detailed description of the entire two-part episode.

Previously, info had already leaked out about the finale's setting in the future, while various actors and producers revealed that the finale would feature the Borg, Klingons, the daughter of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, and a dramatic meeting between a 70-odd year old and a present day Captain Janeway. Below you will be able to find out just how exactly all these elements tie together.

Please be aware that while the below synopsis does not contain all the sub-plots of the episode and provides only a short summary of the "rip-roaring, slam-bang" action at the end of the episode, it does still contain major spoilers - click here to return to the TrekToday front page if you would like to avoid these.

'Endgame' opens with a news clip on a TV screen, showing Voyager's homecoming. It's a very elaborate clip, even including a gorgeous shot of Voyager flying by the Golden Gate bridge. We learn that this is actually an old archive clip, and it is now 23 years after we last saw the Voyager crew.

All of the characters have gone through large changes. Harry Kim is now Captain, and Miral Paris, the daughter of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, has grown into a competent Starfleet officer. Previously it was also reported that the episode will featured an aged Tuvok in an asylum, claiming Janeway is an impostor.

Neelix of course is not present on Earth, as he left Voyager before the ship returns home (in next week's episode, 'Homestead'). However, Neelix will make a short appearance a bit later in the episode, when we see him playing a game with Seven of Nine over a viewscreen, back in the original Voyager timeline.

One character who outwardly hasn't changed a bit is the Doctor, who as a hologram of course doesn't age. Evidently he has been able to get over Seven of Nine after all these years, as we meet him together with his blonde bride Lana. The Doctor also finally has a name - when he got married to Lana, he decided he couldn't marry without one, and so settled for the name of Lana's grandfather: Joe.

Admiral Janeway from 'Endgame' - photo copyright Paramount Pictures Two characters who we will not be seeing in this first part of the episode are Seven of Nine and Chakotay. While still in the Delta Quadrant, the two got married aboard Voyager. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Seven was injured on an away mission, and while she was able to make it back to Voyager, she there died in the arms of her husband, Chakotay. Now, Chakotay himself is also dead, as we learn when Janeway comes to visit Chakotay's grave.

Janeway herself, who always remained unmarried, is now an Admiral. As she comes to visit Chakotay's grave, located atop a hillside with a large tree looming over it, we sense the deep friendship that existed between the two. She tells him that what she is going to do now she is going to do as much for him as for herself.

Klingon - copyright Paramount Pictures What Janeway is planning to do is nothing less than travel back in time to help her past crew and self beat the Borg Queen and get home early. In order to do this, she sends Miral Paris to the Klingon Empire to obtain a special temporal device.

In exchange for the device, Janeway promises to get the Klingon she negotiates with on the High Council, but he demands more from Janeway - experimental shield technology that Voyager developed on its way back from the Delta Quadrant and that is almost impenetrable. Janeway is not prepared to give him that, and so she is forced to simply steal the temporal device away from the Klingons.

Admiral Janeway travels back into time, and warns the younger Captain Janeway about what is going to happen with Seven. She tells her that after Seven's death, Chakotay will never be the same anymore, and neither will Janeway herself. After hearing this, Captain Janeway decides she has to go home now, and Admiral Janeway joins the crew to help them in this endeavour.

The Borg in 'Endgame' - copyright Paramount Pictures Before going home, a massive battle ensues with the Borg Queen. In the end, Voyager is able to beat the Borg and the Queen perishes - but Admiral Janeway is with her, and dies as well.

Thanks to Admiral Janeway's sacrifice, Voyager is able to return to Earth, where they are greeted by an awaiting Admiral Paris and Lieutenant Barclay. After seven years of exploring the Delta Quadrant and seeking out ways to get her ship home safely, Captain Janeway has finally fulfilled the promise she made to her crew in 'Caretaker.' She got them home.

Please note that the above synopsis only describes the main plot lines of the episode, but includes little information on the storylines dealing with Tuvok and with characters such as Sabrina Wildman (Naomi's daughter). In addition, the above synopsis focuses strongly on the first half of the episode, in order to prevent some suspense for the final-ever hour of Star Trek: Voyager.

'Endgame' is scheduled to air in a special two-hour presentation on the 23rd of May on UPN, beginning at 8:00pm. A clip containing the first footage from the finale was released last week already. The above images were all taken from this promo, and are of course copyrighted by Paramount.

Major thanks go out to the persons who sent us this information! As usual, please do keep in mind that Paramount has not officially revealed much plot info for the finale yet, and until they do any finale news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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