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All-New 'Enterprise' Story Arc Spoilers

By Christian
November 4, 2001 - 12:53 AM

After starting its season with a set of stand-alone episodes, Enterprise will move into arc-based storytelling with several upcoming episodes, including the time-travel story 'Cold Front' and the Andorian 'Shadows of P'Jem'.

Sources provided new information on four upcoming Enterprise episodes, the titles of two of which had already been revealed previously. One of these episodes will air in just over three weeks as the final November Sweeps episode, the other episodes are expected to air in late January and during the February Sweeps. Below is a list with new information on each episode:

  • 'Cold Front' - While this episode was reportedly shot before 'Silent Enemy', 'Silent Enemy' is actually listed on the official Star Trek site as airing first. Depending on whether UPN has changed the airdate order or not, this episode is expected to air either on the 23rd of January, 2002, or on the 28th of November, 2001.

    This episode will feature the return of the Suliban leader Silik and his mysterious commander from the future. Unlike in 'Broken Bow,' in 'Cold Front' Silik actually helps Captain Archer, preventing the destruction of the Enterprise for reasons that are never entirely revealed to the viewer. It also turns out that one of the crew members of the Enterprise is not who he seems to be, but is actually an agent for one of the other parties in the conflict, sent back to the 22nd Century to stop Silik and find out who is giving the Suliban orders.

  • 'Silent Enemy' - As mentioned above, this episode was produced after 'Cold Front,' and so would also be expected to air later. However, it is currently listed on the most recent official schedule as airing on the 28th of November.

    In this episode, an unknown ship trails the Enterprise, constantly dogging it and popping up out of nowhere. The ship doesn't answer to hails or other attempts to communicate, but does fire on the Enterprise and even boards her to obtain info on the ship and crew. The Enterprise crew are far outclassed by the aliens, who seem to be invulnerable to both the ship's weapons and the crew's hand weapons.

    Captain Archer orders the Enterprise to return to Jupiter, where the cannons designed for the ship were originally supposed to be installed, but never actually were because of the ship's swift departure for Qo'noS. Even as the ship rushes back to Jupiter, however, Tucker and Reed work overtime to try and install the weapons themselves and get some kind of defense against the alien ship, which is continuing its stealth attacks.

  • 'Shadows of P'Jem' - This episode will likely continue another story arc, namely the one started in last Wednesday's 'The Andorian Incident'. It is expected to feature the return of Jeffrey Combs as Shran, and to air on the 6th of February.

  • 'Sleeping Dogs' - No information is known about this episode except that it is expected to air on the 13th of February.
In other news, we also learned that Porthos is expected to return again in future episodes. As viewers noticed, Captain Archer's dog disappeared from Enterprise after appearing in all of the first several episodes. Reportedly, this happened because of contract problems with the trainers of the two (female) dogs who play Porthos, which led to the writers leaving the dog out of a set of episodes. However, Porthos has now started re-appearing again, so presumably these problems were solved.

As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no official information on these episodes yet, and so the above information should be treated as you would any rumour. Further information about all Enterprise episodes can be found in the Trek Nation Episode Guide.

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