Combs Speaks About 'CSI' and 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
November 3, 2003 - 2:24 AM

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Jeffrey Combs provided TrekToday with a bit more information about his upcoming role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and confirmed that he will appear in an upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise episode as the Andorian Shran.

As previously reported, Combs guest stars on CSI in the episode "Jackpot", which airs this Thursday night on CBS.

"My character's name is Dr. Dale Sterling," revealed the actor. "Grissom travels to a small Nevada town to investigate, what else, a murder. I play the town vet/coroner."

In addition, Combs, who played both Weyoun and Brunt on Deep Space Nine, begins filming tomorrow on the Enterprise episode "Proving Ground."

"Shran shows up in the Expanse...a surprise to me," he said. "It's quite a good script, actually."

When Shran last appeared on Enterprise, he chose to trust Captain Archer over one of his own Andorian associates. An early report on "Proving Ground" suggested that Shran will again be reluctant to betray Archer.

Though Combs said that the new episode "should be good", he added that he "can't give away too much."

More information on CSI's "Jackpot" may be found here. Preliminary information about Enterprise's "Proving Ground" is here.

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