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Stewart Shows Off Trek X Trailer

By Lisa
September 4, 2002 - 12:40 AM

Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) showed off a brand new 'Nemesis' trailer at the weekend - and shared some thoughts about the movie with the audience.

Stewart was a guest at the 60th World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose, where he entertained guests with talk of Trek X and his current project, 'X Men 2' according to a report at Aint it Cool News. He showed off several production stills from the Trek movie, as well as two teaser trailers.

Stewart told the audience that he and the rest of the cast were surprised at the portrayal of Trek X as the final TNG film. The first trailer that debuted in June uses the tagline 'A Generation's Final Journey' (story). Stewart explained that he thinks the movie is very good - either as a final outing for the crew or a movie to build on later.

The actor also previewed a trailer for the movie that will air with the second season premiere of Enterprise later this month. The theme of the teaser is described as 'opposites,' with an emphasis placed on good and evil and the conflicts between several characters in the movie.

The trailer is expected air after 'Shockwave, Part II' on September 18th. The complete report into Stewart's convention appearance, can be found on this page at Aint it Cool News.

Yesterday saw the release of two new images from the movie onto the internet.

The images below appear in the October issue of Star Trek: The Magazine and were made available online thanks to TrekWeb.

The first image shows several land vehicles manned by aliens in pursuit of the Enterprise crew. The second shows Data and Captain Picard wearing Dress uniforms sitting in Picard's quarters and sharing a drink after a certain wedding reception.

'Nemesis Jeeps' - copyright Paramount Pictures - courtesy TrekWeb 'Picard and Data in Nemesis' - copyright Paramount Pictures - Courtesy TrekWeb

For more on the images and larger versions, follow this link to TrekWeb.

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