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TrekToday - 'Nemesis' Trailer Debuts On TV & Web

'Nemesis' Trailer Debuts On TV & Web

By Caillan
June 27, 2002 - 7:53 AM

Enterprise-E from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures The trailer for 'Star Trek: Nemesis' received its television premiere on Entertainment Tonight last night, followed by the Internet launch of the promo on the new official 'Nemesis' web site.

While the Entertainment Tonight segment only showed clips from the trailer, the full one and a half minute version is available online in QuickTime format via The trailer comes in three sizes - small, large, and full-screen. (Please note that QuickTime Pro 5 is required for the full-screen version). To downloaded QuickTime, head over to

The trailer will make its theatrical premiere over the July 4th holiday weekened, prior to the film's release on December 13. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the trailer:

Picard & crew from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Paramount 90th Anniversary logo fades onto the screen.]
[Fade to black screen.]
Reman Viceroy (off-screen): "In darkness, there is strength."
[Bird's eye view of of a circular Romulan city sitting by the water.]
[A small vehicle flies downwards into a large underground metallic shaft on Remus.]
[The Enterprise-E flies into frame as it travels towards Kolarus III; there is a bright blue nebula in the background.]
Picard (off-screen): "It seems as though we are truly sailing into the unknown."
[Five out of six ships are highlighted on an Enterprise console.]
[The Argo flies out of the Enterprise's main shuttlebay. Its fins fold downward from its body, and it heads towards Kolarus III.]
[On board the Enterprise, Worf is talking to Picard.]
Worf: "I recommend extreme caution."
[Several Reman mining facilities are seen in the foreground; a bright moon fills the background.] Scimitar from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[On the Enterprise-E, Data (in uniform) moves to activate a switch on B-9's neck. B-9 wears a yellow jumpsuit.]
[Close-up of Data activating B-9's switch.]
[Close-up of B-9's eye as it suddenly opens upon activation.]
Data (off-screen): "Fascinating."
[Data walks slowly to stand directly in front of B-9.]
[Shrouded in darkness, Riker, Data, Picard, Worf, and Troi slowly enter a room with a large circular windown at the back, and two flights of stairs either side.]
[The Reman viceroy moves menacingly out of the shadows.]
[Shinzon appears out of the darkness beneath the large circular window.]
[Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar, cloaks in space.]
Shinzon (off-screen): "The time we have dreamed of is at hand."
[Shinzon walks across the floor of the Romulan Senate, which features a large map of Romulan and Federation space.] Shinzon in the Romulan Senate from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[In space the Scimitar faces off against the Enterprise-E in the background.]
Shinzon (off-screen): "The mighty Federation..."
[Close-up of Shinzon.]
Shinzon: "...will fall before us."
[Shinzon stands proud and resolute before the Romulan Senate.]
[The Scorpion shuttlepod hovers in the Scimitar shuttlebay. It turns to face a large door leading to a corridor.]
Data (off-screen): "Do you think this is a wise course of action, sir?"
[Picard sits in the Scorpion cockpit, with Data behind him, wearing B-9's yellow jumpsuit.]
Picard: "We're about to find out, Data."
[The Scorpion's mounted phaser fires at the door, blowing it open.] Reman Viceroy from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[On the other side of the door, five Remans are hit by flying debris from the explosion.]
[The Scorpion zooms past the camera as it escapes down a Scimitar corridor.]
[The Reman Viceroy scurries sideways on the lower decks of the Enterprise-E.]
[Argo Jeep races across the rough terrain of Kolarus III. Picard and Data are sitting in front, while Worf is sitting in the back, manning the rear-facing phaser cannon.]
[The Scimitar flies through space.]
[Riker falls off an Enterprise walkway, but grabs onto a railing, as the Viceroy clings onto his leg.]
[Shinzon and Troi kissing passionately in bed.]
[Three Kolarus III jeeps pursue Picard, Data and Worf in the Argo Jeep across the rugged terrain.]Data & Picard in the Argo Jeep from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Close-up of Picard, Data, and Worf sitting in the Argo Jeep.]
[An explosion directly in front of a Kolaran Jeep.]
[Another explosion knocks a Kolaran Jeep onto its side.]
[Text superimposed over a black/green background: 'This December']
[The Enterprise viewscreen explodes, debris hitting the crewmen manning Helm and Navigation.]
[Helm Officer Bransen clins to his console before being sucked out into space.]
[The Argo jeep launches itself off a jump ramp.]
[Shinzon stands up from his Scimitar bridge chair.]
[The Argo Jeep flies off a cliff into the Argo.]
[Text superimposed over a black/green background: 'A Generation's']
[The Enterprise-E's saucer section is hit by a Scimitar torpedo.] Argo Jeep from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Close-up of Picard sitting in Scorpion, suddenly making a swift left turn.]
[Picard makes the turn, swerving down the Scimitar corridor.
[The Scorpion ricochets off the side of the Scimitar corridor.]
[Troi, seen from above, kneels with her hands on her heart.]
[The Scorpion blasts out of the side of the Scimitar, causing it to decloak for a second.]
[Text superimposed over a black/green background: 'Final Journey']
[The Enterprise-E fires a quantum torpedo.]
[The Enterprise-E fires two quantum torpodoes and phasers at the cloaked Scimitar, which uncloaks when hit.]
[A rapid succession of explosions on the Scimitar and Enterprise-E bridges.]
[Text superimposed over a black/green background: 'Begins'] Troi from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Data runs down a badly-damaged Enterprise corridor.]
[Donatra looks out of a window on Romulus.]
[Data continues to run down the corridor.]
[Shinzon, his face now popping with veins, stands up from his Scimitar bridge chair.]
[Data leaps from the corridor towards the uncloaked Scimitar.]
[Picard, concerned, stands up from his Enterprise bridge chair.]
[Data leaps from the badly-damaged Enterprise-E corridor into space.]
[Fade to black.] Shinzon from 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures
[A close-up of Shinzon, his face half-hidden in darkness, whispering.]
Shinzon: "Don't fear..."
[The wings from the Romulan Bird of Prey graphic criss-cross into the frame, with green light emanating from them. The word 'Nemesis' fades in, then 'Star Trek' above it.]
[The logo moves towards the camera, as the words 'December 13' appear behind it.]

To view the 'Nemesis' trailer, head over to The 13.1 MB digitised version of the Entertainment Tonight segment can be downloaded via

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