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By Michelle
August 3, 2003 - 5:05 PM

Hello World!

It took me three years and five books, but Harry Potter fandom has finally happened to me.

Understand that I read the books aloud to my sons. I had them firmly situated in my mind under the "children's books' heading. Which was silly — I still reread Madeleine L'Engle and the Narnia books regularly — but I just didn't think about then very much, you know? Even after the first movie, which I saw three times on the big screen. Even though I am called upon to play Harry Potter Uno and the Harry Potter equivalent of Clue regularly.

It was The Tragic Death Of That Person In Order of the Phoenix that pushed me over the edge. As soon as he was gone, I realized that I adored him. And that I'd really been enjoying the books since Prisoner of Azkaban, not only as something I shared with my kids but on their own merits. I'm partial to the adult wizards, especially the ex-Marauders, but I'm pretty fond of Harry, Hermione and Ginny too.

And I can't even describe my thrill at discovering the number of fan fiction archives devoted to the series. Sure, canon is fine, but it's what happens in other people's imaginations that always really interests me about any media phenomenon.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items in early August 2001:

  • Detailed Biographies Of 'Enterprise' Cast
    Paramount provided the CVs of genre star Scott Bakula and lesser-known entities Connor Trinneer and Linda Park.

  • Bakula Talks To Fans And Press
    The new Captain Archer wrote an open letter to his Quantum Leap fans, explaining that he didn't see too many differences between leaping and transporting and inviting them on board for the new journey. He also told TV Guide that his character would be similar to Captain Kirk.

  • Berman Reveals 'Enterprise' Writing Staff
    Rick Berman announced several new names penning stories for Series V and discussed the long-time involvement with the franchise of Andre Bormanis, previously a scientific and technical consultant. He also confirmed that T'Pol was initially intended to have been T'Pau from the original series, but legal issues made a change prudent.

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Total Votes: 315

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Today's Television Listings

Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, UPN will rerun Enterprise's "Judgment". Here's TV Guide's synopsis of the episode:

Archer (Scott Bakula) is put on trial by the Klingons and accused by a disgraced Klingon officer of having his battle-cruiser crippled by the Enterprise in a firefight, and of aiding rebels of the Empire, but he finds a friend in his defender, Kolos.

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