NX-01 To Enter Uncharted Territories

By Caillan
April 3, 2003 - 8:10 AM

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Enterprise will reportedly embark on a new mission into a Bermuda Triangle-like area of space in the season finale, according to spoilers which recently emerged online.

British science fiction magazine DreamWatch reported the NX-01 will head into a "dangerous area of space" against the advice of the Vulcans in "The Expanse". The reason for this course change is said to be part of an effort to stop "a new alien race from wiping out life on Earth".

This new voyage for the Enterprise crew won't be a complete departure from the show's previous storylines, with the magazine reporting the plot will be related to the Temporal Cold War story arc, which has been part of the series since "Broken Bow". The article indicated some new recurring characters may appear in season three as part of these developments.

According to previous rumours about "The Expanse", the NX-01 will be called back home after a devastating attack on Earth. Captain Archer will reportedly renew his relationship with a woman called Rebecca while on Earth, only to tell her his new mission will take him away for a long time.

Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman recently dropped some cryptic hints about the finale and its ramifications for the third season (story). "I don't really want to get specific about it, but we're not talking about a tiny change. We're talking about a change that is going to, to some degree, alter our mission and, to some degree, change the tone of the series."

Please note that these plot details have not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour.

"The Expanse" is scheduled to air May 21 on UPN. The full report can be found in issue 104 of DreamWatch, on newsstands now. Thanks to 'Hoshi's sis' for this!

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