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By Michelle
February 3, 2006 - 11:18 PM

Hello World!

I'm reviewing this book, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, edited by noted fantasy author Mercedes Lackey, for The Green Man Review. Most of the writers are fellow sci-fi and fantasy authors or entertainment reporters, not academics, which I had hoped would make it more readable than some of the scholarly tomes analyzing Harry Potter to death. But I am sorry to say that for the most part, the writers sound envious, defensive and just plain silly. Did you know that Harry Potter has simultaneously dismissed God - just as the religious fanatics in this country who called for the book to be banned had feared - and provided a world view that is rife with religious structure and spirituality? You can really prove anything, even directly opposing arguments, with creative use of the source material!

The funniest essay by far is "To Sir, With Love", Joyce Millman's analysis of Snape fan fiction, which focuses heavily on the kinky stories for which she apparently went hunting. She babbles on about Alan Rickman's sexy voice and placing women in perpetually subservient positions. Snape's dom preferences are emphasized over and over. Clearly I have been reading the "wrong" Snape erotic fiction, as in nearly all the Snapefic I have read, het and slash - and we're talking reams, here - I am not pretending at innocence the way I did about Kirk/Spock when interviewing certain Star Trek actors - Snape is much more likely to be subservient or go seeking that elusive goal, a balanced relationship. In fact there are some distinct parallels between Snape and Spock in really good fan fiction.

In better news, Barnes & Noble has The Making of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' on the bargain table. No sexy Rickman voice in the book, but plenty of Marvin the Paranoid Android. And this weekend we all get to hear Leonard Nimoy's sexy voice in his Super Bowl painkiller ad. Ah, the small pleasures of life.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from January 2004:

  • Assimilation Arriving In Vegas Soon
    The director of Borg Invasion 4D, the new interactive Star Trek attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton, promised that guests would "literally experience what it's like to be assimilated by the Borg."

  • Bakula Hints That Xindi Questions Will Be Answered Soon
    Scott Bakula (Archer) said that the Xindi conflict was coming to a head and the third season would likely see the conclusion of Enterprise's mission in the Expanse: "I would say there's a very good chance that many of the questions we've all been having about the Xindi and their direction will be answered very soon," he said.

  • Wise: Original 'Motion Picture' Was 'Unfinished'
    Director Robert Wise said that he had recently produced a Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture because it was the only film he had left incomplete: "Once I'm finished with a film, I release it and let it have the life it was intended to have. Star Trek was the only film I returned to because it was the only one I truly felt was unfinished."

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Now that UPN and the WB will become one network, think of the crossovers! If there is a new Star Trek series, who should make a guest appearance?
Let's just see if the new network lasts a year! 41.5% - (450 Votes)
Anything, so long as we get a new Trek show on the CW 36.4% - (395 Votes)
Clark Kent aka Superman 6.6% - (72 Votes)
One of those hot 'Charmed' witches 6.4% - (70 Votes)
Lorelai Gilmore 4.5% - (49 Votes)
Naomi Wildman...that is, Reba's daughter Kyra 3.6% - (39 Votes)
Sam from 'Supernatural' 0.7% - (8 Votes)

Total Votes: 1083

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Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 8th is the birthday of Ethan Phillips, who plays Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager!

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