'Extinction' Filming Wraps

By Caillan
August 2, 2003 - 4:13 AM

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The Enterprise cast and crew Tuesday completed production on the third episode of the new season, entitled "Extinction".

"Extinction" involves an away mission to an alien planet covered by jungle, according to StarTrek.com. Although the site has yet to publish the official synopsis of the episode, crew members will be "infected by a biological agent on the planet that mutates them into some sort of primal alien lifeform".

Veteran Trek director LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) was head honcho for the episode's seven-day filming schedule. His previous Enterprise credits range from "Terra Nova" to "First Flight". Enterprise story editor Andre Bormanis ("Horizon") penned the script.

Shooting involved several exterior scenes in the planet's jungles and caves, which were filmed inside on Paramount soundstages. In addition to regular NX-01 locales such as the bridge and sickbay, the decontamination chamber was also put back into use for the episode.

The official site has not yet released the full guest cast, but "Extinction" will see Daniel Dae Kim back in action as Corporal Chang. Former First Wave star Roger Cross, whose credits also include Taken and The X-Files, will play an alien known as Tret.

The full production report is available at this page.

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