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Seven Of Nine Trek X Cameo Planned

By Christian
May 1, 2001 - 10:25 PM

In a few weeks, the Voyager series finale will air on UPN, likely showing us the final adventure of the complete Voyager crew. But we may not yet have seen the last of all of the crew, as producers are reportedly already planning at least one cameo appearance for one of the Voyager actors.

Sources suggest that Paramount is considering having Jeri Ryan reprise her role as Seven of Nine relatively soon. The current plan is to have the ex-Borg character appear in the tenth Star Trek film in a minor capacity, probably not more than a few scenes.

The last two TNG films both originally featured cameos by actors from other series. 'Star Trek: First Contact' featured Robert Picardo as the Enterprise-E's holographic doctor, and Ethan Phillips (Neelix) as the Maitre d' at the holodeck nightclub. 'Star Trek: Insurrection' was originally to have featured Armin Shimerman as Quark and Max Grodénchik (Rom) as a Trill ensign, but those scenes were deleted for the film's final cut.

While Paramount is still considering how to handle the future of one of its current female Trek stars, it appears to have reached a decision on the female lead for Series V.

Two weeks ago, the studio sent out a second casting call for the role of Sub-Commander T'Pau. However, casting now appears to be almost done, as the studio is no longer accepting candidates to audition for the role. Word is that the studio has indeed decided on an actress, though it is not certain yet whether a final contract deal has also been reached.

Earlier today, it was reported that former Babylon 5 actress Marjorie Monaghan was still in the running for the role and was expecting to find out this week whether she had the part. It is not known whether Monaghan has indeed landed the role.

The original casting sheet described the T'Pau character as the "austere yet sensual [...] Science Officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board Enterprise. Although she's cautious and guarded around humans, whom she considers primitive and irrational, she's developed a grudging respect for Captain Archer. She'll become one of his most loyal and trusted crew members."

Finally, some new rumours for the Voyager series finale emerged on the net yesterday, with both The Great Link and Section 31 receiving an unconfirmed report from someone claiming to have been told the plot for the first half of 'Endgame.' While we have been unable to confirm or deny this report, it's getting linked to everywhere on the net, so you might as well take a look for yourself.

According to the report, the finale will be set 25 years in the future. We will see Admiral Janeway (in actual fact a Borg Replicant) trying to kill Tuvok, who was locked up in a mental asylum for attacking Janeway after the ship got back to Earth. Tuvok manages to kill Janeway instead, and with an experimental time ship jumps back in time, narrowly avoiding a Borg Fleet, to undo the events of Janeway being replaced. Back in time in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager encounters an advanced Borg Destroyer. The ship beams over an away team, but they accidentally activate a distress beacon, causing another Borg Fleet to appear. At the end of the first half, Janeway receives an ultimatum from the Borg in which they threaten to destroy her ship if she doesn't turn herself over to the Queen. Janway decides to surrender, even as Tuvok is still rushing towards her in the timeship.

Previous reports have revealed that the finale will feature characters such as Lt. Miral Paris, the daugher of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, as well as a young Sabrina Wildman. In addition, it has been reported that Klingons will be involved in the episode, and that "a mysterious visitor from another time [will force] Captain Janeway into a deadly confrontation with her arch nemesis, the Borg Queen." It is not known how these new rumours, if true, fit in with the earlier reports.

As usual, please be aware that Paramount has made no official plot or casting announcements for either Trek X or Series V, and has revealed very little official information on the finale. Until an official announcement is made, please treat any news from unofficial sources as you would any rumour.

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