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First Flight

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Series: 'Enterprise'
Episode Title: 'First Flight'
Episode Number: 224
Synopsis: "While Enterprise is investigating what appears to be a dark matter nebula, Archer receives news that A.G. Robinson, his old rival in the early days of the NX test program, has died. During a shuttlepod mission into the dark matter phenomenon, Archer reminisces to T'Pol about the time he and Robinson were pilots competing for the honor of being the first to break the Warp 2 barrier."

Original Airdate: May 14, 2003
Rerun: August 27, 2003
Fan Rating: 8.2/10 (Full Poll Results)
Nielsens Rating: 2.4/4 (Full Report)


Written By: Chris Black & John Shiban
Directed By: LeVar Burton

Guest Stars:


  • Set before the events of "Broken Bow", the episode will reportedly revolve around the testing of the Warp 5 engine. However, the original test in space failed, destroying the ship, although the pilot managed to survive. In order to test the engine, which they believe will work, Tucker helps Archer take the NX-Beta on a test flight - without Starfleet's knowledge. (March 01, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • Will feature cameo appearances by the USS Enterprise's "Sailors of the Year", continuing a tradition begun during last year's "Desert Crossing". (March 19, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • Principal photography on "First Flight" ran from Monday, March 10, to Tuesday, March 19. The scenes shot on the first two days utilised regular NX-01 sets, before production moved to the new locales constructed for the flashback scenes. These included the NX-Hangar, NX Mission Control and the 602 club, frequented by Starfleet officers and home to Ruby, the waitress. (March 20, 2003 - TrekToday)

  • James D. Frey (Sailor of the Year): "This is a life's dream, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can't get any closer to Star Trek than this." (March 29, 2003 - TrekToday)


Poll Results

How would you rate 'First Flight'?
9-10 46.7% - (504 Votes)
7-8 26.4% - (285 Votes)
Wasn't able to see it 10.3% - (112 Votes)
5-6 8.2% - (89 Votes)
Didn't want to see it 4.7% - (51 Votes)
1-2 2.3% - (25 Votes)
3-4 1.1% - (12 Votes)

Total Votes: 1078

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