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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 1999

July 31 - Comics: Keith R. A. DeCandido Interview
An interview with author of the first TNG comics mini-series and the first Ambassador Worf novel.

July 30 - Article: The Franchise's Future
Steve Perry explains why Star Trek should go on, and why it should go on now.

July 27 - : Star Trek's Vision
Thoughts on Voyager's future, Gene Roddenberry's vision, 'Rick Berman' from Italy, and comments on our articles!

July 26 - A Take On Trek: Taking Advantage
Fred Shedian reviews whether or not fans truly appreciate this gift known as Star Trek.

July 25 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
More answers from the Trek comics editor.

July 24 - Article: Raleigh Convention Report
Kathryn Keeter and Bette Llewellyn report about an all-star convention in Raleigh.

July 24 - Interview: David Henderson
An interview with the webmaster of Psi Phi.

July 21 - Article: Our Future Goal
Tamara Thomas argues for a society based on Star Trek.

July 20 - Article: The Franchise's Future
Julia Houston tells Star Trek fans to lighten up!

July 19 - : Hiatus Calm
Comments on Heather Jarman's 'The Future's Franchise,' Flight Academy, ads and the mailbag is spammed!

July 19 - A Take On Trek: Back To Basics
In this week's column, Fred Shedian remarks on a platform for the next incarnation of Trek.

July 18 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
The editor of the Trek comics answers his first fan questions.

July 14 - Comics: WildStorm Press Release
The initial Wildstorm Press Release

July 13 - Article: The Franchise's Future
Heather Jarman questions the need for more Trek.

July 11 - : Voyager In Flight
Responses to 'Defending Flight Academy,' cancellation and the Franchise's Future.

July 10 - Article: Defending Flight Academy
Valentine Winter tells us why he'd like to see a 'Flight Academy' series.

July 8 - Article: Ron & Brannon
A massive feature about Ron Moore & Brannon Braga, including a farewell to Ron, opinion articles and a mailbag!

July 8 - A Take On Trek: Response To Voyager
In his first column, Fred Shedian asks fans to be more positive.

July 8 - : Mo(o)re Braga
A special edition looking at the recent Brannon Braga rumours

July 7 - Article: Star Trek Ratings History
Greg Fuller explains why Trek's ratings are actually rather good.

July 6 - Article: The Franchise's Future
Jim Wright still sees some hope for Star Trek.

July 5 - Article: Defending Braga
Valentine Winter reacts to the attacks on Brannon Braga.

July 4 - : Star Trek Lives!
Voyager cancellation, 'Flight Academy' and Is Trek Dead?

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