WildStorm Press Release By WildStorm
Posted at July 14, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

A run-in with a new ninja-like race; a war over natural resources; and a device that has the potential to cause interdimensional havoc -- STAR TREK comic book fans are in for surprises beyond this galaxy. WildStorm and DC Comics announced today plans for the new line of STAR TREK comics with the launch of the Prestige one-shot entitled STAR TREK: VOYAGER(R) -- FALSE COLORS, scheduled to be released in November of 1999.

STAR TREK: VOYAGER -- FALSE COLORS focuses on the popular character Seven of Nine. The story, written by Nathan Archer, tells of an encounter between the Starship Voyager(TM) and a mysterious craft. It looks like a Borg, sounds like a Borg, and acts like a Borg, so it must be a Borg, right? The answer to that question is just one of the surprises in store in this special issue. Nathan Archer is the author of several STAR TREK novels as well as other comic stories, most recently the upcoming novel Spider-Man: Goblin Moon, co-written with Kurt Busiek.

"We believe the creativity and innovation of DC Comics' WildStorm Productions will bring a new excitement to the fans of STAR TREK and comics in general," said Andrea Hein, president of Viacom Consumer Products. "We are very pleased to be reunited with DC."

"We're really trying to make our own mark on the world of STAR TREK," says Jeff Mariotte, WildStorm's Senior Editor and editor of WildStorm's new STAR TREK line. "We've tapped a number of creative talents who are brand-new to STAR TREK comics, and I'm certain that this new line will more than live up to the success of WildStorm's previous innovative licensed titles."

According to Mariotte, "Many of the top creators in comics are life-long STAR TREK fans, but these are also the creators in highest demand, with the busiest schedules. By initially focusing on one- shots and miniseries instead of ongoing series, we can tap these resources, insuring the highest quality STAR TREK comics possible."

Other upcoming projects include:

"I've made a real effort to bring exciting talents to this comics line," said Mariotte. "I'm using extensive connections in the science fiction community to approach some people not ordinarily thought of in terms of comics -- though people who, for the most part, have some experience with them - - who can deliver fresh ideas and approaches. There have been lots of STAR TREK comics in the past, and I'm determined that anyone who has read them will know at a glance that ours are different than anything they've seen before."

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WildStorm will soon start publishing original Star Trek comics.