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May 27, 2002 - 12:04 PM

Hello World!

I hate being late. I'm one of those people who has their watch set four minutes fast so they'll never be late. Which is why I didn't have a very good start to the day.

Firstly, the car wouldn't start. It had been playing up for the last week, but it was supposedly fixed over the weekend. Well, it certainly wasn't going anywhere this morning. Waited for the RACQ man for 45 minutes, but he didn't turn up, and so I went off to the railway station, abandoning my parents with the car. (Good thing I did too, it apparently "almost blew up" when the RACQ man arrived).

So, I rushed to the train station to get on a train that will get me into the city just in time, and, of course, it's late. To make matters worse, only two carriages were open, meaning it was packed like a sardine can. Since the train kept stopping and starting, I got off early, dashed across the bridge into the city, and hopped on the bus.

As the bus left 25 minutes before Latin started, I thought I'd get there with time to spare. But I did not account for the Brisbane City Council once again deciding to dig up the road. Suffice it to say, the traffic was as slow as molasses.

Finally, I got to uni, sprinted up 7 flights of stairs, and arrived 3 minutes before the start of class. The car is currently at the garage - I'll be sure to thrash it with a branch for its incompetence when it comes back.

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