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September 16, 2002 - 10:14 AM

Hello World!

After last month's 'Lord of the Rings' Extended DVD price shock, I decided to rent the first DVD set to a) rewatch the movie because it's very cool b)check out the preview of 'The Two Towers' and c)watch the 'Extended Edition' preview so I'd know what I'd be forking my money out for.

Although I'm not quite sure why Peter Jackson filmed his introduction while driving the car, the preview was certainly whetted my appetite for movie two, which is now only a few months away. Particularly amazing, I thought, was the computer program they'd developed so that each CGI figure involved in the battle scenes had their own 'mind.' And the extended edition *does* look really good, so I will still be buying it - although some shopping around is in order.

There is some good news on the DVD horizon, however - EzyDVD is selling the 'Wrath of Khan' special edition for only $24.95!

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The Enterprise airing times for St. Louis listed in September 14's News Bullets are incorrect. According to St. Louis Today, 'Shockwave, Part I' and 'Shockwave, Part II' will be shown back-to-back on Friday September 20, starting at 7:00pm. Thanks to Craig Morris for this!

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