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August 14, 2002 - 12:31 PM

Hello World!

Today was a public holiday here in Brisbane, because it's 'People's Day' at the Ekka, more formally known as the Royal Queensland Show.

Part fun-fair, part agricultural show, the event started in 1876, and contributes more than $100 million to Brisbane's economy each year (so says the official guide which I fished out of the bin to write this - the things I go through for you people). Glancing at the prices, it's easy to see how it rakes in that much cash.

Admission is $18 for adults, and that's only to get in. Rides cost extra - this year there's one that's about $30 a pop. Plus there's the traditional showbags, ranging from $1 to $29.90, containing lots of 'goodies.' Attractions include (and I'm not making this up) pig diving, pig facts, hypnotists, 'Miss Showgirl 2002,' beef judging, dog judging, Planet X clinics (whatever that is) and Deadly Australians (I won't ask).

To top it all off, there's even an appearance by Marty and Jessica, two 'stars' of Big Brother 2. Marty had a girlfriend before going on the show, now he's with Jessica. Their relationship was celebrated in a recent special entitled 'Marty and Jess - An Aussie Romance.' So is an 'Aussie romance' now considered chasing another girl on national TV?

If the dripping sarcasm didn't already let you know, I'm not particularly fond of the Ekka. This year things got really exciting, when a rival show, called the Queensland State Fair, was established. This one had free entrance, but was shut down last night when their insurance cheque bounced and they couldn't operate the electricity generator or the toilets. Oh, the fun of the fair. Now I better throw that guidebook back into the bin.

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