WeLoveFine Trek Shirt Winning Designs


The winning shirt designs from the WeLoveFine Star Trek t-shirt design contest have been announced.

As reported at TrekToday earlier, a contest was held to design Star Trek-themed t-shirts.  Nichelle Nichols and John De Lancie were amongst the guest judges.

Three of the top four winners created shirts featuring Lieutenant Uhura, while other winners featured the original series crew, an insignia created out of starships, the Star Trek “dream team,”, a “choose your captain” shirt, and a “Spock pocket” shirt.

The prizes ranged from $1,000 to a $50 WeLoveFine gift certificate.

The winning shirts and comments by the winning designers can be seen at the referring site. The shirts with the new designs are also available for purchase at the WeLoveFine website.

Source: WeLoveFine




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  • Gary Mitchell

    I hope that they fix the “Enterprise Seven” shirt before they print up a bunch of them. It lists “Leornard” McCoy instead of Leonard.

  • Guest

    Good eye. Drop them a line just in case!

  • Shooting a fellow crewmember in the back? Must be the Mirror Universe crew 😉