Nichols and De Lancie To Judge Design Contest


Recently, a design contest for Star Trek T-shirts was held and now it is time for two Trek celebrities and for fans to judge the designs submitted.

Three lucky fans who rate the shirts will be eligible to win a shirt with the winning design.

From now through October 15, the designs submitted will be rated. Guest judges include the original series’ Nichelle Nichols, and The Next Generation’s John de Lancie.

To be eligible for one of the three shirts, those judging the shirts must rate each one.

To see the shirt and to rate them, head to the link located here.

Source: Welovefine

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  • The middle one makes Dr. Crusher looks like some sort of demon… lol.

  • Mike

    Not to mention it features the “caveman” Riker from the evolution episode… I wonder, though…. hmmmmmm… Nichelle Nichols has always been the pure essence of fairness and objectivity… I can’t imagine she’d be biased toward any of those 3 images as a judge…………