By Colin 'Zeke' Hayman
Posted at December 25, 2004 - 2:22 PM GMT

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Paris: Captain, we're caught in an invisible space battle!
Chakotay: Harry's fault.
Tuvok: Fight's over. The winner's hailing us.
Kellin: Hey, Chakotay! Remember me?
Chakotay: You do look familiar -- were you in the movie Dune?

Doc: I fixed her, being the greatest doctor who ever existed.
Kellin: Can I stay, Captain?
Janeway: Depends. Do you plan to start a romance subplot with Chakotay?
Kellin: Probably.
Janeway: Okay then.

Kellin: I was here before, but you forgot.
Chakotay: So you're not "unforgettable" after all?

Chakotay: When she was here before, we helped her hunt down a guy who was trying to escape.
Janeway: Why'd she come back?
Chakotay: She's trying to escape.
Janeway: So do we hunt her down, or give her asylum? I'm confused.

Kellin: I remember you guys too. Excuse me while I ditch you for Chakotay.
Seven: Is it just me, or was he acting kind of in-love-ish?
Tuvok: It's just you.

Chakotay: ...and then we helped you catch the runaway?
Kellin: Yep. Did I mention we fell in love?
Chakotay: Repeatedly. Stop it!

Janeway: Your people are attacking us, and we can't even see them!
Kellin: Big deal. Do this.
Tuvok: Hey, there they are.
Kellin: Do I get asylum now?
Janeway: Will that cause plot complications, Chakotay?
Chakotay: Oh yeah.
Janeway: Then let's do it.

Kellin: I'm nervous.
Chakotay: Don't be.
Kellin: Thanks. Did I mention we fell in love?

Chakotay: I don't trust her.
Neelix: Actually, you're in love with her.

Kellin: Figured out you're in love with me yet?
Chakotay: Uh...um...er...yeah, maybe, I guess.
Kellin: Hooray!

Chakotay: So, tell me about that last night together.
Kellin: We caught the Tracer.
Chakotay: That's it?
Kellin: And we kissed.
Chakotay: That's it?
Kellin: Yeah. What did you expect?
Chakotay: I thought we had--
Kellin: Get over yourself, Tattoo Boy!

Chakotay: Think you could give Kellin a job in security?
Tuvok: I doubt it. Considering her effect on people's memories, I'd probably have to recall her commission.
Chakotay: Hey, that was a joke!
Tuvok: Me, make a memory joke? Forget about it.

Kellin: We've never found a defense against their weapons.
Kim: Good thing we're better than you, huh? Go show this to Chakotay.
Seven: Is it just me, or was she acting kind of in-love-ish?
Kim: Oh yeah. Want some more gossip?
Seven: Nah. Sex is irrelevant.
Kim: Can't argue with that. Oh, wait.

Kellin: I'm scared! A Tracer broke my vase!
Chakotay: Don't be scared. We'll replace the vase.
Kellin: It's the Tracer I'm scared of, you moron!
Chakotay: Don't you worry about that. There are absolutely no Tracers on this ship.
Tracer: Hi, everybody!

Kellin: I'm forgetting stuff!
Chakotay: Help us fix her!
Tracer: Ain't gonna happen, Tattoo Boy.

Chakotay: Hey, Kellin! Remember me?
Kellin: You do look familiar -- were you in an episode of Miami Vice?
Chakotay: We were in love.
Kellin: Um, I have to go now.

Chakotay: You know, Neelix, love bites.
Neelix: Actually, love is a Very Good Thing.
Chakotay: Whatever, I'm too depressed to argue.
(Voyager blasts off at Ludicrous Speed)


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