The 37s

By Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg
Posted at December 25, 2004 - 1:43 PM GMT

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Janeway: Rust?
Paris: No, I'm in no particular hurry.
Kim: Picking up traces of acethylene, benzene.... either it's gasoline, or Neelix just threw the leftovers out.
Janeway: Magnify. Oh, Ford a love of God!

Captain's Log: We have picked up a pickup -- but we need to pick up more information on what brought it here. Could we be going home after just one season?

Kim: There is a flat tire -- you'll need a Vulcanizing agent.
Tuvok: It appears the vehicle dates back to the 1950s, approximately.
Paris: 1936, to be exact. I'd like to take it for a spin.
Tuvok: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Chakotay: (looks at Tuvok) He's way too inflated already.

Janeway: Crap.
Kim: Captain!
Janeway: At ease, Ensign. Just stating that there is manure on the truck.

Paris: A radio. Oh no, a morose distress signal.
Tuvok: M-o-r-s-e, Lieutenant.
Paris: This is the end of a beautiful friendship.
Kim: The signal is coming from an L class planet nearby.

Chakotay: I can take a shuttle down with Mr. Paris.
Tuvok: That would not be wise due to the interference.
Paris: Don't worry -- I won't block his fall.

Janeway: Let's land this ship!
Paris: I haven't done that.
Janeway: Neither have I, but I'm not at the helm, so I'm immune to blame.

Janeway: A cryostasis chamber? "A. E-a-r...." Amelia Earhart!
Tuvok: I'm having difficulty with the operating system.
Kim: We've been through the gates of Hell, and we're still troubled by Gates?

Kim: This one's got a gun.
Janeway: That's probably the only one. Remove it.
Earhart: Where are we?
Janeway: You are an inspiration to me.
Earhart: I didn't ask who we were.

Noonan: (sip) What do you drink these days?
Kim: Don't look at me -- turn to Chakotay for spirit guides.
Noonan: (sip) Freeze! I'm Fred Noonan, Amelia Earhart's navigator!
Kim: Are you by chance one of Khan Noonien Singh's ancestors?
Noonan: No, but you're my hostages. I want to speak to J. Edgar Hoover.
Kim: Illusions of grandeur, short temper, irrationality... I'd say he is.

Chakotay: Chakotay to Janeway: everything okay?
Janeway: Hoover -- great to hear from you. Sucks to be us right now.

Chakotay: Chakotay to Janeway -- our rescue plan backfired.
Janeway: Is that my problem?
Chakotay: I have Tuvok with me.
Janeway: Time to practice my Kirkian maneuvers, I suppose.

Janeway: Miss Earhart, would you like to see my ship?
Earhart: If I can crash it.
Janeway: Beats Chakotay -- deal. We're going to the surface first.

Evansville: (zap)
Noonan: Arrrgh!
Janeway: Must cure Noonan to lay major guilt trip on him. Beam us up!

Earhart: How fast can she go?
Paris: Warp 9.9. We'll need it to travel 70,000 lightyears.
Earhart: In that case, you'll need some three years to get back.
Paris: Says who?
Earhart: Says Jim Wright.
Paris: We're bright enough to follow him, but TPTB seem to think that the bigger the plotholes are, the better.

Evansville: You stole the 37s!
Janeway: No, they're still here. Why the 37s, by the way?
Evansville: A coincidence. The writers forgot about the 47 curse.
Earhart: Howdy.
Evansville: I bow before you. Come see our civilization.
Earhart: If I need someone to push around, there's always Fred Noonan.

Captain's Log: I have decided to offer the crew to stay on the planet, although it is of Paramount importance that they remain on the ship. One guess as to how many will opt out.

Torres: Why are we having this discussion?
Kim: I asked for a K/T scene while there was a slim chance.
Torres: You are considering staying? You're Starfleet!
Kim: I know, but if I had known Neelix would cook, I wouldn't have signed on.

Janeway: The crew is to report to Cargo Bay 2 at 0230 for automatic beamout. Go down and see what's happening.
Chakotay: Are you sure I shouldn't take a shuttle for a spin instead?
Janeway: Nah, you tend to survive most shuttle crashes.

Janeway: I'm happy no one wanted to leave.
Chakotay: They need their wages, and TPTB want a profitable franchise.
Janeway: (glare) Then what about you?
Chakotay: I live to gripe, and without this part, I'd have nothing to gripe about.
(Janeway and Chakotay walk the Voyager hallways at Ludicrous Speed)


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