By Colin 'Zeke' Hayman
Posted at December 25, 2004 - 1:50 PM GMT

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Kim: Ha! I win!
Paris: That does it, I'm starting a subplot.

Hogan: There's an EPS flow problem where Lon Suder was working.
Torres: Probably just a dead guy. I'll go discover him.

Neelix: Hey, Tuvok! Mind if I impress you with my knowledge of Vulcan holidays?
Tuvok: Yes.
Neelix: There's this one where everybody gets naked...
Tuvok: I could really use a convenient murder mystery right now.
Torres: Torres to Security. I have a convenient murder mystery to report.

Doc: The dead guy was murdered.
Tuvok: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, or so his file says.

Torres: Suder was working there at the time. I'd say he's guilty.
Tuvok: You call that proof?
Chakotay: Back when we were Maquis, he went around killing Cardassians.
Tuvok: You call that proof?
Doc: I've found some vague DNA evidence.
Tuvok: He's guilty.

Tuvok: Why'd you do it?
Suder: No reason. Wanna execute me for it?
Tuvok: No, that'd be too easy.
Suder: Aw.

Tuvok: It just doesn't make sense! Why would he kill for no reason, against his own best interests?
Chakotay: Remind me to tell you a little story about a scorpion.

Suder: Seriously, no reason.
Tuvok: That does it. Meld time.

Paris: Well, looks like I win the betting pool again.
Kim: That's the 46th time! If it happens once more, you've gotta be cheating.

Tuvok: Turns out he really did do it for no reason.
Janeway: So what do we do with him?
Tuvok: Hey, let's kill him. He'd like that.
Janeway: There must be a better way.
Tuvok: Nuh-uh. That hoser screwed himself over. He's earned himself a one-way ticket to the big EPS manifold in the sky. Get with the program, woman!
Janeway: I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something different about you....

Neelix: Good morning, Mr. Vulcan!
Tuvok: AAARGH! DIE! DIE! DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE! Much better. End program.

Chakotay: That does it, Paris, all bets are off!
Paris: You suck, sir.

Tuvok: That meld made me all violent and evil.
Suder: Wanna do it again?

Tuvok: Computer, I hereby fire myself.

Janeway: What's wrong, Tuvok?
Tuvok: Will you just sedate me already?

Doc: Mind-melds really, really suck.
Tuvok: Shove it, holo-boy!
Janeway: Okay, let's leave him alone so he can escape.

Suder: Hey, Tuvok! What's up?
Tuvok: I'm here to kill you!
Suder: Cool. Shame you won't be able to go through with it.
Tuvok: All right, that's it! It's evil meld time!
Suder: Is that like Miller Time? Ow!
Tuvok: DIE! DIE! DIEDIEDIEDIE...I...can' it!
Suder: Told ya.

Doc: Well, Tuvok still sucks, but he'll live.
Tuvok: Sorry for yelling at you, Captain. You're my bestest best friend, really.
Janeway: Hey, don't mention it.
(Voyager blasts off at Ludicrous Speed)


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